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Friday, May 13, 2016

Marvel Collector Corps - April 2016

What is Marvel Collector Corps?: Marvel Collector Corps is a bimonthly subscription box that is curated and sent out by Marvel itself. Each box will have a theme that coincides with a release that's upcoming. This box is all about Deadpool, to coincide with the release of the movie. 

All items in the Marvel Collector Corps boxes are exclusives!

How Much is Marvel Collector Corps?: Marvel Collector Corps is $25/month (plus $6.95 shipping) or $150/year (plus $41.70 shipping). Collector Corps does ship internationally, so it's open to everyone!

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The April box was pretty easy to figure out, as Captain America Civil War just came out. I am on Team Iron Man, which is obviously the correct side. 

Starting with this box, they sent an information card. I like that they did this and think they should have from the beginning. This might be due to how much I really like info cards.

Civil War Patch ($5.00) - I'm not sure that this is supposed to be any one character, but let me know if it is! I like how dark it is because the movie is supposed to be pretty dark as well.

Black Panther Pin ($5.00) - Black Panther is making his first debut in a Marvel movie in Civil War, so I like that they made him the face of the pin.

Civil War Shirt ($15.00) - Love this shirt! I actually think husband is going to wear it when we go see the movie tonight, which is perfect. I love that it shows part of who is on each side for the movie and shows off the very 'us versus them' theme of the movie.

Black Panther Comic Book ($4.99) - I haven't actually ever been into Black Panther, so this will be passed along to someone that will appreciate it. This is a variant as well, which is always nice.

Iron Man Civil War Dorbz ($14.99) - This Dorbz is an exclusive, the main Iron Man Dorbz are masked. I believe we already have an Iron Man Dorbz in the typical fashion, so this one is a cool addition. 

Civil War Lanyard ($5.99) - I am a fan of lanyards, whereas husband isn't (he doesn't like busy keys). This one is a really nice quality and the colors are great. I will probably use this for at least some time.

Captain America/Iron Man Duo ($29.99) - Apparently this wasn't supposed to be the POP in this box, it was supposed to be a Falcon Captain America Pop. I'll be honest, if it had been Falcon instead of this duo, we probably would have canceled. This isn't a super cool POP, but it's better than the alternative.

The April box is valued at my estimated $80.96. I was mildly happy with this box. It wasn't perfect or anywhere near what I thought it would be, but the items were still better than they could have been. The June box is Women of Marvel/Power, so that should be interesting to see. We will be getting it, so stay tuned!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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