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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - February 2016

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 What is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is a monthly nail polish subscription box where you get not only nail polishes, but you get random beauty things (soaps, scrubs, oils, etc) as well! There's a mini version and a full-size version, so you can choose how much you want. The bags are the same, but the mini bag has mini polishes while the full size one has full sized polishes. There's also bigger extras in the full size bag and sometimes there's an extra.

The polishes and products you get in the Mystery Bag are ones that will be debuted in future collections, so it's a great way to see what is coming up next!

How Much is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is $10/month (plus $2.95 shipping) for the mini bag and $25/month for the full size. You also don't have to pay shipping for the full size bag. 

Click here to see past bags!

These bags are my love now. I have so many, and they are so useful for keeping things organized (which you would laugh at if you saw my office, but it's organized chaos!).

First up, the polishes. It's two full-sized polishes again. I haven't heard any more word about if we're going back down to three mini bottles again or if it's going to be two full-sized ones. If anyone knows, let me know please!

Violetta Bot (Nail Lacquer) - Meet Violetta Bot, a liquid metallic purple lacquer, part of the return of the Robots Collection, coming soon with many new metallic friends! Violetta Bot is our last preview of the Robots Collection until its release!

Liquid metallic is definitely the way to describe this polish. It's not the strongest purple, but it definitely reminds me of what a girly robot would look like in movies.

Violetta Bot applies super smoothly and it took two coats to be fully opaque. One coat of glossy top coat is on this.

Electric Love Bytes (Glitter Topper) - This electric explosion of hot pink and lime glitters in a shimmery clear base creates a noticeably stunning accent nail over any color!

Explosion...yeah, that's this polish. It's packed with shimmer and the glitters accent it nicely. It's a bit childish for my taste, but only because I prefer full-on glitter bombs or one color palette. I would only see myself wearing this over a black base for an 80's inspired night.

There was placing to get all of the different glitter types to be shown, I love all of the shimmer in this polish and would definitely buy it if they did just a shimmer top coat. 


Luvable Pink Body Lotion - Formulated with sunflower oil and packed with tons of Vitamin E, our moisturizing body lotion features Luvable Pink, a lovable blend of citrus, pomegranate, violets, pears, & vanilla with a hint of soft musk and helps keep your skin stay hydrated and refreshed.

Luvable Pink Hand Sanitizer - Our scented hand sanitizer is alcohol based, quick drying and contains moisturizing agents for frequent use while keeping hands clean and soft! Our best defense against winter germs, our hand sanitizer is featuring Luvable Pink this month, a lovable pink blend of citrus, pomegranate, violets, pears, & vanilla with a hint of soft musk!

I really like the Luvable Pink scent, it's not too heavy but does add a nice scent that complements any perfume or body mist. The formulas of the lotion and hand sanitizer are very nice and does a good job of keeping your hands moisturized, even with the hand sanitizer!

Flavored Lip Gloss (Strawberry Breeze) - We're so excited to introduce the newest member of the Just Lips family of products, Flavored Lip Gloss by Rainbow Honey! Formulated with the finest natural ingredients for soft lips, glossy look and lip smacking flavor, our luscious lip gloss delivers a nourishing and moisturizing shine and sheer on your lips! Strawberry Breeze - sweet, sugared strawberries with a citrus twist delights your lips in a strawberry tinted gloss.

It's like they knew the 90's kid that still lives inside of me needed a 90's style throwback lip gloss. This reminds me of something I would have used as a child, but upgraded to not dry your lips out! 

I absolutely loved this month's bag. The polish colors were nice, but the products were the big winners this month. I could always switch to a just polish or just products bag, but I really love getting a good mix of both to see what all Rainbow Honey is coming out with! Make sure you sign up to get your bags, because they now have a bag for everyone!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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