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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pretty & Polished Beauty Box - March 2016

Early apologies, this is a photo-heavy post.

What is Pretty and Polished?: Pretty and Polished is an indie nail polish brand that also sells bath & body products, nail vinyls, and this Beauty Box! This is a box that you get to choose which months you want to get, rather than a subscription that you have to cancel or skip. Just remember to buy it each month if you want to continue!

How Much is Pretty and Polished Beauty Box?: Pretty and Polished Beauty Box is only $22.00/month! Each box contains a coupon that could be 10% off or $5.00 off to use in the store as well, which means you can get more polish and products from this amazing maker. You can buy for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time, and the boxes are cheaper at 6 months!

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The theme for the March box is Cupcake Wars! This box is already sold out, but the April box is still available (and should be getting to me any day now!)

First up is Keep it Classic, which is a sheer white base with round glitters and glitter bars in green, pink, blue, and yellow!

This is definitely a classic cupcake design. Keep it Classic reminds me of a funfetti cupcake or just someone who puts tons of sprinkles on the icing (guilty!). It applies nicely and I love how sheer the base is so you can see the glitters within the layers.

This swatch is two layers, which is all it took to make it opaque. I did apply slightly heavier than I typically do, so it may take three coats with your application. One coat of glossy top coat to add a bit of shine.

Next is Strawberry Shortcake, which is a slightly sheer pale pink base with tiny darker pink glitter pieces.

Strawberry Shortcake definitely matches its namesake. I love how the two pinks combine to create a great look. This is another where layering creates an entirely different polish look. You could layer, as I've done below, to slightly alter the color of the glitters or you could use a white base to only use one layer.

I used two coats in this swatch, so you can see how some of the glitters from the bottom layer show through. This is such a cool look, but it does add the slightest amount of texture. One coat of glossy top coat was added to smooth and to add shine.

Finally we have Caramel Crunch, which is a very sheer light chocolate brown with caramel colored medium glitters and small dark brown glitters.

This is a much more sheer polish than the other two from this box, so it does take a bit more to get it opaque. It also can be used over a white base, to get a more uniform look.

My swatch is three coats, which you can see in the layers of how the brown base changes the glitters slightly. One coat of glossy top coat was added for shine.

I absolutely loved this month's box. I was convinced when I first saw it that I would not be my thing, mostly because I'm still wary of experimenting outside of what I normally wear, but I was so pleased! The theme was the cutest thing ever, and I'm always surprised by what Pretty & Polished comes up with next! Make sure to check out the Facebook Group to see spoilers for the April box as well as upcoming collections (there's one right now that's adorable!!).

As always, let me know what you thought of this month's box in the comments!

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