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Monday, February 8, 2016

Polish Review - Carpe Noctem Cosmetics

It's another polish review from another new to me company! Carpe Noctem Cosmetics has been around, but I just now have purchased from her. The maker is such a sweet woman, and she responds so quickly with any questions you may have! 

Olaf! is a holographic, opaque teal/blue with a strong violet/pink shimmer. I am loving that there is the slightest shift due to there being so much violet/pink shimmer in the polish. I love teal as a color, and I love the mix with blue to complement the shimmer! This is the medium bottle, 12mL, but it's also available in a larger or smaller bottle.

Two coats of Olaf! with one coat of glossy top coat.

Aurora Corealis is a super bright shimmery coral with tons of holo. The name is such a cute play on words, and the polish itself is perfect. It is a pink leaning coral more than a true coral, in my opinion, but I definitely love it! Aurora Corealis is a stronger, deeper pink than I normally purchase, but I was so shocked at how much I love it on! 

Two coats of Aurora Corealis with one coat of glossy top coat.

Because She Danced to Space Jam is a beautiful shimmering abyss of magic!
Navy base with mutichrome pigment shifting between four stark colors. two types of color shifting flakies are in here as well, in all colors, popping out in any light. crazy linear as well with a smattering of large flake holo pigment to complete the color. It's a long description, but it's necessary to convey in words how gorgeous this polish is. I actually found this polish too gorgeous to pass up and it's what brought me to Carpe Noctem Cosmetics so early in the year.

Two coats of Because She Danced to Space Jam with one coat of top coat!

All three of these polishes are still available, and I highly suggest you buy them along with tons of other polishes! The polishes are all so gorgeous and her formula is wonderful. Make sure to keep up with new releases, because I'm sure it's going to be great as well!

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments!

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