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Saturday, January 16, 2016

le Polish Darth Valentine's Day Trio

Woot, it's time for another Valentine's Day special polish. This time, it's a Valentine's Day Trio! This Valentine's Day Trio is a bit different, because it's a Darth Valentine Trio! The polishes are reminiscent of the recent Star Wars release, because who doesn't think Star Wars and Valentine's Day will make an awesome set?! If you want to see more polish reviews of le Polish, click here

This trio will release on January 23rd at noon EST. You can either buy these in the trio itself or individually! The trio is $28 for the full size/$16 for the mini trio. Individually, the polishes are $10 each for the full size and $6 each for the minis. Make sure to check out what other polishes from le Polish you can get!

Now, on to the polishes!

Love Saber: a fiery orange-leaning red full of shimmer and a small amount of scattered holo for good measure.  Just like with a real light saber, be careful you don't burn anyone when you're wearing this polish! 
I absolutely love this polish. It went on so smooth, and I actually got it full opacity in only one coat! It definitely leans orange, but that makes it perfect to not be the typical Valentine's Day polish! Swatch seen with one coat of top coat! Also, don't feel bad, I giggled at the name like a 12 year-old. :)

No, I Am Your Valentine: a black scattered holo with red shimmer.  Perfect for an anti-Valentine's Day mani, because honestly who could really love Darth Vader?!
Absolutely love this! It actually seems to lean a bit purple, but it's the red shimmer mixing with the black base. Very confusing, and absolutely amazing. This has been my go-to for the week. Swatch seen with two coats of polish and one coat of top coat.

Together We Rule the Galaxy: a charcoal grey jelly full of red micro-glitter, gold shimmer, and scattered holo. This polish is very dynamic, reminiscent of flying through the galaxy on the Death Star.
This is seriously a gorgeous polish. It actually dried to a semi-matte, satin finish originally. It's so full of goodness, and it makes me realize I've been missing a polish like this for so long. I love the different parts to it to make it a truly complex polish! The swatch is two coats of polish with a single coat of top coat!

Overall, I think this trio is perfect for Valentine's Day to have your own anti-Valentine's Day, or just for a great set of polishes! If you want to grab your trio, make sure to check out le Polish on the 23rd to get yours!

As always, let me know what you thought of these polishes in the comments!

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