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Thursday, January 28, 2016

innocent+twisted Alchemy - January 2016

What is innocent+twisted?: innocent+twisted is an indie subscription that I stumbled upon and knew I had to bring it to you as soon as I saw it. This subscription includes the hand-drawn art that matches the monthly theme and usually sends samples from other indie brands. 

How Much is inocent+twisted?: It is $18/month for what you see below, the full-size. There is a deluxe subscription as well for $12/month. She also ships internationally for $4 extra on either options.

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It's Alice in Wonderland, which is one of my favorite movies and my favorite tales. So of course, I was thrilled to get this as a theme! I expect wild colors and something surprising to come with such a crazy and fun theme!

Check out this artwork for the jars! It's perfect and it makes me wish there was a full collection with this artwork.

First is the Cheshire Cat eye shadow, Endless Grin. Endless Grin is is lovely dark pink/purple shadow with just the slightest amount of shimmer. I am loving this darker shade of pink that I've been seeing recently and love how it blends nicely with a basic brown to create a different type of smokey eye. It looks great and would complement tons of skin tones.

Endless Grin Macro & Swatch.

Next is the Alice shadow, DayDreamer. DayDreamer is the perfect indigo/denim shadow. I love that it's not quite the color that's in the jar, because this is such a unique shadow. There's not really much shimmer, but that's what I love about it!

DayDreamer Macro & Swatch

Finally is the White Rabbit shadow, Out of Time. I wasn't sure how this was going to go or if it would be a white shadow (due to the name). It came out as a nice pale yellow shadow. While it's a lovely color, it's not the color for me. I feel like yellows just don't look good on me, so I'll pass it along to someone else that does like yellows.

Out of Time Macro & Swatch.

I think this is the perfect beginning to innocent+twisted's 2016 subscription year. The theme is adorable and the shadows work perfectly for the theme. I love the extras and think they match the main shadows amazingly. If you want to grab the February bag, make sure to grab yours as either a recurring or a trial subscription. Check out the Facebook Group for when that's available!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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