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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NeverEnding Fairytales - November 2015

What is NeverEnding Fairytales?: NeverEnding Fairytales is a monthly subscription box by the indie polish maker, Fairytale Finish. Each month has its own theme and comes with one or two polishes (depending on what you choose) and sometimes extras! Not only can you get your subscription fix from Fairytale Finish, but she also makes gorgeous polishes and top coats!

How Much is NeverEnding Fairytales?: With Fairytale Finish, there's two options when you start your subscription! You can choose to get one polish ($9.00/month) or two polishes ($16.00/month). I choose to get the two polish subscription, only out of fear I won't get the polish I want for the month!

If you want to see past months, click here!

It's that time again, a Handmade with Love package from Fairytale Finish!

Theme cards are back! November's theme is Something Magical!

Mystical Realm - This is a gorgeous cornflower blue metallic finish with the slightest amount of holographic in it! It looks so smooth, and almost leans slightly lilac under indoor lights! This is two coats, but one thicker coat would have been possible as well. I love the way the metallic finish pulls the holo out super nicely! It dried nicely and looks great on!

Swatch with flash.

Swatch with natural lighting.

Crystal Ball - Oh my gosh. I'm in love, love, love. This is one of the most gorgeous polishes I've ever seen. This is an amazing jelly base with so much holographic in it! This looks so gorgeous and reminds me of a night sky! I love it so much, it's perfect applying. I did two coats, but three would make it even squishier! 

Swatch with flash.

Swatch with natural lighting.

These two polishes are absolutely gorgeous. They complement each other nicely or could go with tons of different polishes! They both look magical and had great formulas. I've been watching and waiting for a new collection to come out from Fairytale Finish! I reviewed half of the Hello Fall collection last week and the second half is coming up very soon, so check that out!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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