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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hello Fall Collection Part 2 - Fairytale Finish

Today, I have three polish swatches for you! I have been reviewing Fairytale Finish's Neverending Fairytales subscription for a few months now, but I decided to show you guys a full collection from her! The polishes are always wonderful, and this Hello Fall Collection is perfect. This review is being split into two posts, so make sure to check Part 1!

 Harvesting Memories - A bubblegum pink holo. I don't typically grab a ton of light pinks, they just aren't my style. I feel like they don't look good on me and most don't. This one, though, is gorgeous. It doesn't lean super yellow or red, which is what a lot of them seem to look like on me, and it could easily be a one coat! It's not as strong of a holo as some of the others from this collection, but the base is perfect. It smoothed out perfectly and has tons of shine with a top coat!

Two coats, natural lighting.

Two coats, flash.

Autumn Reflections - A seafoam green holo. This is right up my alley. If you were to look at my polish collection, you would find that I'm always getting new greens to play with! It's a darker sea foam, and it's absolutely perfect. The holo is a bit stronger in this one, but it's still so much better in person than in pictures! I used two coats, but one would have been more than enough! It's super smooth with a single top coat layer!

Two coats, natural lighting.

Two coats, flash.

Comfy Cozy - A dark violet holo. Of course, I had to get the other purple from this collection! I will almost always get one purple when I buy, so I'm thrilled when collections have two purples! This one is a bit lighter than the first one I showed you, but still perfect for fall (or all year long!). Of the three in this post, it's the most holographic. The holo shines constantly, and applies perfectly! I used only one thicker coat, and it became opaque instantly.

One coat, natural lighting.

One coat, flash.

The whole Hello Fall collection was a wonderful showcase of the amazing work that Fairytale Finish does! The polish formulas are all perfect, and the brushes make application super easy! If you're like me, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from Fairytale Finish next! There are two of the Hello Fall polishes still available, as well as some snafus and surprise listings! Make sure you try out some polishes from this brand, it's worth it! Check out the first part here if you missed it before!

As always, let me know what you thought of this collection in the comments!

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