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Friday, November 6, 2015

Target Beauty Box

What is Target Beauty Box?: Target (yes, that Target) releases a Beauty Box every so often. It tends to be with seasons or holidays (like Summer or Back to School) but can also be just because. It's filled with random goodies from Target, which means it's all things you can buy the things that you love easily. The best thing about Target's boxes is that you see what's going to be in the box before you buy it, so you can get the boxes you like!

How Much is Target Beauty Box?: The price for Target's Beauty Box varies, but the highest I've seen has been $10, with most boxes being $5. You do have to pay taxes on Target's boxes, but it's always free shipping on these boxes! Included with you buying a box, you get a coupon for Target for $3 off $15 on beauty products. This box was $10, but it had an estimated value of $50!

This box was a bonus box for October. They made one available earlier in the month and then this one was closer to the end of the month. I haven't seen them do two separate box releases in one month before, so this was a great surprise!

hello, Beautiful! This box is all about the must-haves in your life inspired by the cooling weather!

Information card.

ACURE Moroccan Argan Oil + Stem Cell Triple Repair Shampoo/Conditioner ($1.25 each) - This actually included a good amount of product, which made me pretty happy. I have a ton of hair and need a lot of product to be able to get my hair clean! Also, this smells really great, which is always nice. I have tried various ACURE products in Ipsy and Birchbox boxes in the past and enjoyed them! I'm actually looking for a new brand of shampoo, so I'm going to seriously consider using this!

Covergirl Intensify Me Eyeliner (300) ($6.99) - This is actually a really great eyeliner if you need one on the fly. It's a good solid liquid liner and it stays on really well. For the price, it's a liner you can use first thing in the morning and not worry about it coming off super quick. I'm pretty bad at applying liquid liners, but this one is easy enough to use!

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick (Flashing Lights) ($8.59) - I love this lipstick! It's the perfect shade for me and it applies super smoothly! It's stayed on super well so far, which is all that I need in life! I've been looking for a new color for fall, and this one is definitely the one for me!

Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter ($2.25) - It's winter, so I can always use more skin butter! It's a thicker formula and it smells so great! It takes a few seconds longer than normal to soak in, but it makes your skin so smooth and feel so moisturized!

Hello Toothpaste (Mojito Mint) ($0.67) - I actually really like this! It smells pretty great and I've heard tons of good things about the Hello brand! It's the perfect size for a longer vacation, so I'm going to save it for when we go on our anniversary and not have to worry about losing a full tube (I always lose stuff on vacation).

Olly Beauty Vitamins ($0.46) - These are Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins with a little bit of extras added. While I like the concept, they tasted pretty strange. Not like grapefruit but not like anything else I've tried before. That being said, the brand has another type of vitamin that I'm definitely going to look into, which is what this box is supposed to do!

S.W. Basics Certified Organic Body Scrub ($.50) - Not really sure what the value of this is. A little goes a long way, though, and I was able to get two uses out of this little pack. It smells a bit like sweet oatmeal and works amazingly. The salt adds a bit of grit, but not too much to aggravate. 

RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream ($20.49) - I don't have the wrinkles to use this yet, but I knew exactly who would use this when I bought the box. I've done test patches of RoC products and never had any problems, and the person I'm giving this to has very sensitive skin and she doesn't have any problems. It's a great brand and she always loves it, so she gets it!

Goody Ouchless Silicone Lined Elastics ($0.85) - I LOVE these. They work so much better than the old round ones I have, and these are in great colors! I typically wear black ones, but I like that they come in other colors now. These are going to be left in my desk so when I lose or break one, I have some close by.

This box had an estimated value of $50+, but it actually came in at $43.30. While they should have met their value they stated, they still exceeded the $10 cost. Even taking out the item I knew I wouldn't use, I still had a good enough value to love this box! If you want to see the other Target boxes, click here

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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