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Thursday, November 12, 2015

NorthernStarPolish Harry Potter Gift Set

This set was provided to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Today I have something a little different, but something so amazing to share! I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous set from NorthernStarPolish to share with you! NorthernStarPolish is an indie maker that specializes in nail polishes, cuticle oils, and cuticle balms! This is the second set that I've picked up (the other review will be up at a later date) and this one is made just for Harry Potter fans! Being a geeky/nerdy girl, of course I was interested.

This set includes:
-a Northern Star full size polish, Protego Totalum
-a Northern Star full-size cuticle oil, Butter Brew
-two reusable owl nail charms
-holographic lightening bolt glitters
-a bottle of red and gold glitters and a bottle charm.

Everything comes packed in a gorgeous box and it's sealed, so it's ready to be given as a gift to someone, or ready to give to yourself!

Everything is super gorgeous laid out, and check out how much stuff is included in this!

First off, this is an absolutely amazing polish. Protego Totalum is a cranberry red linear holographic polish with gold microglitter! It applies wonderfully and could be easily opaque in one thicker coat. I used two thinner coats for this swatch. I love the holographic, mostly because I love all holos, but the gold is my favorite. I love how gold reflects off of the red! After removal, there wasn't any staining, which is wonderful for a red polish.

This is under a light box white lamp.

As I said, this set also includes Butter Brew, an amazing cuticle oil. Butter Brew is a vanilla ice cream/butterscotch blend that Kristin created herself, and smells just like what I think Butterbeer smells like! This is a mix of jojoba, apricot, avocado, rice bran, meadowfoam, and rosehip oils, which is a little different than what I'm used to. It's absolutely amazing, it absorbs quickly and it feels great on. Definitely a huge fan of it and while it's great that it came in a full-size, it's not lasting long!

I wanted to figure out a way to show off the owl charm and added in some of the smaller glitter pieces from the vial to the accent nail. The glitters were finger placed, so they are scattered a bit. I love that the owls were included, they are a great addition!

This picture was photographed under inside lighting.

In this mani, I decided to show off a couple of the lightening bolts! They were super easy to apply and could be done with tweezers or your finger. They are a great little accent to throw on. In addition to the smaller glitter pieces, there are larger red and gold glitters that you can use to create your own look!

Overall, this is such a cute set! It's perfect for Harry Potter lovers or for someone that wants a great polish set to create their own nail art. All of the pieces go together perfectly and make the perfect gift. This set will go on sale tomorrow (11/13) at noon EST on NorthernStarPolish! It will retail for $17.50 for all of this, which is an amazing deal. The polish won't be available for sale outside of the set, but why wouldn't you buy the whole thing?

Be sure to grab yours here!

As always, let me know what you thought of this set in the comments!

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