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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marvel Collector Corps - October 2015 + Giveaway!

What is Marvel Collector Corps?: Marvel Collector Corps is a bimonthly subscription box that is curated and sent out by Marvel itself. Each box will have a theme that coincides with a release that's upcoming. Last box was Ant Man and came in around the time the Ant Man movie came out. This month's theme is Secret Wars, which definitely caught my attention. Since there aren't any Marvel movies coming out soon, I was interested to see what this box would include. To see my last Marvel Collector Corps review, click here.

How Much is Marvel Collector Corps?: Marvel Collector Corps is $25/month (plus $6.95 shipping) or $150/year (plus $41.70 shipping). If you do the year-long subscription, you become part of the Founders Program and get a special gift at the end of your year. If you didn't do the math, I'll just tell you - you don't get any type of discount for doing the yearly program, it's just to make things easier.

If you want to see my other Marvel boxes, click here!

Yes, there will be a giveaway at the bottom of this post. This box, I have two so I can give one to one of you! Be sure to enter for your chance to win a Marvel box of your own. Please don't enter if you got this box, I want it to go to someone who couldn't get a box!

I was so looking forward to this box. I love the Villans theme was so thrilled when I saw their teaser picture! I always seem to love the bad guys in the movies, especially the Marvel movies!

Red Skull Patch ($5.00) - Love! I'm trying to figure out a craft to use these patches on, so if anyone wants to give tips!

Green Goblin (?) Pin ($5.00) - Another love. I'm working on filling up my button board, which I'll show once it's full!

Zombie Morbius Pop ($19.99) - OMG. This is the best thing ever. There were two versions, one with teeth showing and one without, so yours might be the other version! I love that it's an exclusive, and I really love that his teeth are showing. I'm a huge vampire fan, so of course I'm a Morbius fan. 

Venom Pop Keychain ($10.99) - Another Spiderman villain! I loved Spiderman as a child and so this hits home. It's cute enough that I am actually considering taking it out of the packaging and using it. I added a bit to the cost of a typical Pop Keychain due to it being an exclusive. 

Loki Dorbz ($12.99) - Again, I added a bit to the cost of a typical Dorbz due to it being an exclusive. I'm absolutely in love with Loki, the movie character and the comic character, so this is 100% perfect. I was sure Loki would make an appearance, he's the perfect villain for current Marvel movies. 

Invincible Iron Man 001 ($5.99) - I have no clue how to price this. I know you can get it through digital download, but that's not super helpful. This is most definitely staying here and in it's packaging, as Iron Man is the husband's favorite superhero. I love all of the colors and detail on this, and I might buy the digital version so we can read it.

Villains T-Shirt ($15.00?) - I absolutely love this. I love all of the villains featured and that it's super simple and awesome at the same time. It's a super soft shirt and the print on it is nice. I love the quality that's put into their shirts they send out!

This box is valued at $74.96, which is ridiculous! I loved the theme, it's nice that even though there wasn't a movie to center the theme around, they picked something that had so many possibilities and rocked it! As I said earlier, I have a box to giveaway. Yours will have everything in it, the only thing that might be different is the Morbius Pop. Also, the shirt will be a Men's Large (no surprises here!). The giveaway is below, so make sure you enter!

This giveaway is sponsored 100% by Ramblings of a Subscription Addict and is not connected with Marvel Collector Corps. This giveaway is for US only. Winners will be selected within 72 hours of giveaway end. Winners must respond within 48 hours to earn prize, or the next winner will be selected. Prize will be sent out via USPS Priority Flat Rate mail, within three business days of receipt of address from winners.

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