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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FrenchBox - October 2015

What is FrenchBox?: FrenchBox is a bimonthly subscription box that lets you discover France in your mailbox! Each box delivers at least five beauty, lifestyle and food products. Items are full sized, deluxe sized, and sample sized, but all are brand name items! I'm loving all of these French items, and last month's Tea Towel has found it's place in my new house! Their products are doing a great job introducing me to new brands and bringing a little bit of France into my house.

How Much is FrenchBox?: FrenchBox is $36/box. You can also buy old boxes that are still available, either for full price or at a discount. They currently offering the build your own box as they were in the past, but I will let you know as soon as that comes back!

Yay, it's another FrenchBox!

The theme is La femme francaise, which is about French women and how they are balanced while having life's little pleasures. 

French Macarons Mix (Vanilla) ($14.00) - Oh my, the box alone smells so great. I'm super excited to try making Macaroons, since I've never made them before. The mix doesn't include the filling, so I will have to find the recipe to make that as well. This mix isn't super hard to make, and it's obviously French! In the information booklet, it says to fill the with ice cream, jelly, cream cheese, or chocolate. I'm pretty sure I know which one I'm using, but I'd love some suggestions!

Lanvin Shampoo & Conditioner ($28.00) - First off, this looks so fancy! I love that it came in a baggie, it deserves to be in a hotel. It has hints of rose and sandalwood, and was inspired by the original fragrance collection! It makes me feel super fancy like I'm at some 20's French hotel! 

Sothys Paris Teint Lift Defense Foundation ($45.00) - I can't find anywhere online where it's available for purchase, so I linked to the FrenchBox information page on it. This item was a bonus, or your box could include a Pierauge Mask. My foundation came in Ivore (Ivory), which is the lightest shade for this foundation. I typically choose face products under porcelain, so I was a little afraid that it would be too dark. Thankfully, it matches me perfectly! It's a medium coverage, so it doesn't feel super heavy on your face but it does fix basic blemishes.

oOlution Glow Up ($22.20) - oOlution is a 100% Natural & Organic, which is a great thing to feature in a box. It's a very lightweight formula, you actually can't really feel it after you rub it in. It is super moisturizing and feels great on. I checked out their website and they have a few other products I'm interested in, so I might have to buy some more products!

Teo Jasmin French Bulldog Puppy (Hipster) ($15.00) - Yes, I saved the best for last. There were a few different designs available, but I absolutely had to pick the hipster one. He's just too cute to not get. Teo Jasmin will be released in the U.S. next year, so I'm excited to see what other products might have these designs! It's the perfect size for a makeup pouch or to carry just a few things in.

This box had a value of $124.20, which is amazing! Even without the bonus item, the box is definitely still super valuable. Obviously, I loved the Teo Jasmin bag the most, but all of the items are so cool and so French, and I love that I get to smell and feel French while using them. The theme definitely fit the items, as everyone is allowed their indulgences while still having a balanced life!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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