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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ChloeMeranda Punching Bag - November 2015 + Coupon Code

What is ChloeMeranda Punching Bag?: ChloeMeranda's Punching Bag is a monthly subscription by the indie maker, ChloeMeranda. If the name sounds familiar to you, it should. I've reviewed a few of her products as well as doing a giveaway for two bags of her's here. The products are great and you can purchase them individually or grab this bag each month to get something new and fresh! If you love the products but want it in a different scent, be sure to contact her, she can make customs!

The best part of this bag, though, a product is donated to Pretty & Polished's Cancer Care Packages for each bag sold. So you get handmade products each month, and a product is donated as well!

How Much is ChloeMeranda Punching Bag?: The bag is only $8.00/month, but you also pay $3.00 in shipping. If you are purchasing the bags, however, you can combine with other items to get your shipping lower per item. Currently the bag is only available to purchase month to month, but it's still available to purchase right now!

If you want to save 15% on your ChloeMeranda purchase, use code Kiersten!

First off, the bag comes super cute with a little ribbon. It's the little touches!

Face Toner (Pomegranate) ($3.00) - Oh my, this smells so amazing. I'm a huge fan of witch hazel, it's just so relaxing and makes your skin feel silky. It's to be used after washing your face and to give you a great start to your day, or relax you before bed. I usually wash my face at night, so it will be a nice way to end the night before bed!

Face Cleansing Bar Duo ($5.00) - As if she planned it, the maker sent out something to wash your face with to use before the toner! I checked, this is the same amount of product you get if you buy the individual listing, it was just cut differently for this bag.

The white half is Patchouli and Tea Tree for moisture and cleansing. The darker half is an oatmeal bar for exfoliating. The two together make for the perfect combination to cleanse your face. The two pieces are also available for purchase separately, and can be personalized if there is something you are allergic to!

Overall, I loved the bag! The value is the same if you purchased the items individually, but you also have to remember that a product was donated as well! So to me, it's more than worth the cost. The bag paired up nicely to take care of your face cleansing needs and it smelled so great, it was obvious as soon as it was taken from the mailbox! If you are interested in trying out some ChloeMeranda products, be sure to enter my giveaway and grab your chance at getting some freebies! Like I said before, make sure you use code Kiersten to save 15%!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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