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Friday, October 9, 2015

innocent+twisted Alchemy - September 2015

What Is innocent+twisted?: innocent+twisted is an indie subscription that I stumbled upon and knew I had to bring it to you as soon as I saw it. This subscription includes the hand-drawn art that matches the monthly theme and usually sends samples from other indie brands. To see my other innocent+twisted reviews, click here.

How Much Is inocent+twisted?: It is $18/month for what you see below, the full-size. There is a deluxe subscription as well for $12/month. She also ships internationally for $4 extra on either options.

So yes, there had to be a Predator month since there was an Alien month a little while ago. I was very thrilled to see this and I love to see themes matching across the months!

Cold & Dirty - This looks brown in the container, but wow at the green as soon as you swatch it. It swatched a little weird, but it made the brown and the green show through together, which ended up working. It's gorgeous and I love how the green just goes BAM as soon as the light hits it.

Marked By the Kill - This is a great red-orange with tons of gold shimmer. I love how it reminds me of fire and it's perfect for wearing it alone or throwing it over something darker for a serious flame look. Absolutely perfect and I can see it being super useful for a great Halloween look, or just because you want to be firey!

Unblooded Hunt - This is a beautiful steely blue grey shadow, which is one of my favorite shadow shades ever. There's something about how it is full of shimmer and that it's blue and silver shimmer on top of a grey base. This has been added to my awesome pile, and will be used shortly!

Trophies of Man - For what it looks like in the container, I expected something different in the swatch. I was looking forward to the color in the container, but I really LOVE the swatch color. It's tons of beautifulness that makes me want to use the whole thing immediately. Huge win.


Overall I loved this month's bag and theme. I love how it's all dark and usable, but perfectly fitting the theme and could work together or with tons of other shadows. It's great and could be used for Halloween or just because you're dorky like me and enjoy Predator.

As always, let me know what you thought about this bag in the comments!

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