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Thursday, September 24, 2015

NeverEnding Fairytales - September 2015

What is NeverEnding Fairytales?: NeverEnding Fairytales is a monthly subscription box by the indie polish maker, Fairytale Finish. Each month has its own theme and comes with one or two polishes (depending on what you choose) and sometimes extras! Not only can you get your subscription fix from Fairytale Finish, but she also makes gorgeous polishes and top coats!

How Much is NeverEnding Fairytales?: With Fairytale Finish, there's two options when you start your subscription! You can choose to get one polish ($9.00/month) or two polishes ($16.00/month). I choose to get the two polish subscription, only out of fear I won't get the polish I want for the month!

If you want to see past months, click here!

This bag is adorable. It's just so pretty and delicate, and I just love these little touches to the bag.

September was the anniversary for Fairytale Finish, so this bag had seriously a ton of coupons from so many indies so there were plenty of indies to try out with amazing coupons!

27 Cupcakes - Oh my gosh, this is a cupcake in a bottle. The blue, pink, and mint glitter pieces match perfectly and I just get the sense of a great birthday cake (and I admit, it made me a little hungry). It applied normally and just like a crelly. I love that it's just like white frosting on a cupcake with gorgeous sprinkle glitter pieces, and it looks amazing on. It does have a slight texture because of the glitter pieces, but that's easily solved with a bit of top coat!

Swatch, two coats.

After Party Dress - Check out that holo, guys. It's this gorgeous black base with this holographic that's to die for. There's magenta, blue, teal, green all over in the bottle, but it becomes a true holographic on the nail, as you can see in my swatch below. Basically, it's my dream polish and it's perfect. The black is a bit thin, so I had to do three coats instead of two, but that was 100% fine! It isn't a textured polish, but it does have a slight texture that needs to be smoothed out with a bit of top coat. 

Swatch, three coats.

Extras from Lou it Yourself. The cuticle balm is Birthday Cake scented, and it's making me hungry. It absorbed super quick and feels great on. 

If you can't tell already, I loved this month's bag. It's full of gorgeous birthday things and it made me sufficiently hungry. It included two great polishes and some amazing extras, and all of the coupons made it even more special! I suggest everyone subscribe to NeverEnding Fairytales to get started on your polish collection!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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