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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Julep - September 2015 (The Kisses, London Collection)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Julep is a monthly nail polish/beauty subscription box, and it's amazing. It's so addictive to receive new polishes every month and be able to pick what you want to get. There currently now is MyMaven for $24.99/month and Maven Luxe for $39.99/month. My Maven gets you the regular boxes each month and you can swap out products for the ones they have selected. Maven Luxe works the same way, but it's for higher valued items. If you haven't signed up for Julep yet, check out all of the Welcome Boxes that are currently available here.

This month, Julep released their regular nine polishes along with some new lipstick shades (Light On Your Lips) and a new highlighter (Glow Highlighting Powder). This month Julep finally released a self-named polish, which every subscriber received in their box. 

My box came in Julep's signature box yet again. I knew I had ordered quite a few polishes, so I was surprised to see it all come in such a small box. Still, nothing was damaged and I was very happy!

My Box:

Aubrey (It Girl) - Rosewood shimmer
This is an interesting polish with some great shimmer to add to the metallic finish. I was surprised, because this was the polish I just had in the box because I wanted the other two, but it ended up being a favorite of mine. I'm finding these metallic polishes to be a great addition to my collection.

Zoey (It Girl) - Sea spray creme
I was really excited about this polish. It's a great neutral that's perfect for nail art or just to pair with something amazingly bright. I just gave up with using it, though, after two full manicures of it not working for me. There was a lot of not leveling and not drying evenly and I gave up trying, so there's not a swatch picture for that.

Delores (Wonder Maven) - Iris linear liquid holographic
This polish was a dream. It is literally like holographic being poured out and the base is this amazing shade of purple. I would paint my walls this if I had enough (and it wouldn't be ungodly expensive). It's definitely a new favorite of mine!

Aubrey swatch, two coats.

Delores swatch, one coat.


Esmeralda (Bombshell) - Jeweled emerald multi-dimensional glitter
Back from the Vault, Esmeralda is available again. I grabbed it this time, mostly because I don't have anything else close to this. It's perfect for Christmas/Winter manis.

Lydia (Boho Glam) - Pyrite Stardust
Seriously, was anyone really questioning if I was going to get this amazing Stardust? This polish was exclusive as an add-on, so it didn't come in any boxes if you didn't get it. Pyrite is the perfect description for this polish and it's exactly what I needed to Fall.

Mari (Bombshell) - Peony linear liquid holographic
I'm loving Julep's holographics now that they've been working on making them better. They are gorgeous and so I grabbed this polish as an extra for my collection!


London (Classic with a Twist) - Heather blossom creme 
This was the freebie for taking three add-ons. It's a gorgeous color, but I have one already so I'll be giving it away.

Julep - Signature creme
After all this time, Julep finally put out a polish named after them and it's the color of the Maven boxes. It's gorgeous so I'm definitely keeping it. The cap is also a completely different color, which is so cool!

I absolutely loved this month overall. I got a great set of polishes and was able to use some Jules, so everything was pretty cheap! I'm a fan overall and and I'll continue getting more boxes from Julep! If you want to sign up, be sure to see what boxes are available here and let me know which one you signed up for!

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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