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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Gamer Girl Monthly - August 2015

What is Gamer Girl Monthly?: Gamer Girl Monthly is a new subscription for gamers of all kinds! Each month has a theme and the pieces follow the theme. Each box contains three boxes of jewelry, a custom jewelry pouch, an exclusive GGM pin, and a mystery item! There's 16 more days to get in for the August box, so make sure you subscribe now! Next month's theme is below!

How Much is Gamer Girl Monthly?: Gamer Girl Monthly is $13/month plus shipping ($3.99 for US, $6.99 for Canada, and $13.99 for international).

I'm loving that the boxes are still the custom ones, they just look nicer and feel better. I was a bit concerned, however, because I could feel things rattling in the box when I grabbed it. Sure enough, I realized as soon as I opened it that there wasn't any packing materials inside. This month, it wasn't a big concern, but it could become one in the future.

This month's theme is Friends. The info card was also significantly smaller, but it still has the necessary information!

Jewelry Pouch ($5.00) - I love that this bag is Navi. It's so cute and definitely a great representation of 'Friends.' It feels nice and soft, so I would definitely use it for my jewelry!

Yoshi Plush Keychain ($6.00) - This is just adorable. I love Mario games and I always choose Yoshi when given the choice. It is great for a bigger keychain or just to have sitting with your other plushies!

Companion Cube Earrings ($15.00) - These are so cute, and super lightweight so they don't stretch your earlobes out. I have been eyeing a Companion Cube model to add to my nerd collection, and this just makes me want it more! These are casual enough to wear daily, which I love!

Eevee Charm Bracelet ($8.00) - I could not find anything like this online, but I guess that just means it's more exclusive! For a bracelet named 'Eevee,' I had hoped for a bracelet with Eevee on it, rather than pokeballs. Still, I LOVE Pokemon and will never complain about having something Pokemon come in!

Legend of Zelda Navi Necklace ($10.00) - This necklace matches the jewelry pouch, which means it's equally adorable. I love that you get to keep your Navi with you constantly while wearing this, which means you always have your friend!

This box is valued at an estimated $44.00, based on my internet searches. I loved the theme and loved the pieces that were chosen to go with it. I was sad, however, to find that there wasn't a pin in this month's box. I was hoping they would continue to send them and I would have a huge collection eventually. Either way, I'm still continuing my subscription! September's theme is Enemies, which I'm very interested in!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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