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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chloe Meranda First Look!

Disclosure; These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Today I have something a little different for you. The maker of a new indie brand, Chloe Meranda sent me some of her products that she's just released. Chloe's line has just come out, so make sure you grab it up before it's all gone! These products are natural and she makes more products than what I have for you today, so I suggest you checking out all of her products.

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Leave-In Hair Gloss - This is so amazing. My hair/skin tends to get really dry when it starts getting cooler, and that's exactly now according to my hair. It's great to spray on after you've towel dried your hair and let it finish drying naturally. It's important to shake before each use, because it's got oils that definitely do separate when they sit, but that's typical with anything similar. It smells amazing and I'm loving the shine and moisture that it gives my hair all day long!

Hand Balm - This is to be used as hand balm, but I've been using it mostly on my cuticles because they've been feeling dry recently. It definitely lives up to it's promise, and absorbs so quick. I've tried some similar balms that leave your fingers greasy and gross, but this is the opposite. It smells so amazing as well, which means I'm even more likely to use it regularly. It's actually sitting on my desk so I can use it constantly.

Cuticle Oil - Instantly, this reminds me of what a massage/facial place smells like. It's so fresh and makes me feel relaxed when using it. Cuticle oil is something that everyone should use, just because of how helpful it is with keeping your nails healthy and strong. Thankfully, this one doesn't take ages to absorb and you can go back to your life shortly! I highly suggest buying it and feeling like you've just had this amazing massage. 

Overall, I loved trying out these products from Chloe Meranda. There are some amazing products here and they are all natural, real products that you can feel great about using and not worry about having ingredients that you can't pronounce! There are tons of different products available, so I'd love to know what you try out and what you think about them!

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