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Friday, August 21, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - August 2015

 What is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is a monthly nail polish subscription box where you get not only nail polishes, but you get random beauty things (soaps, scrubs, oils, etc) as well! There's a mini version and a full-size version, so you can choose how much you want. The bags are the same, but the mini bag has mini polishes while the full size one has full sized polishes. There's also bigger extras in the full size bag and sometimes there's an extra.

How Much is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is $10/month (plus $2.95 shipping) for the mini bag and $25/month for the full size. You also don't have to pay shipping for the full size bag. 

They named this month's theme 'Happiness Happens' and this month's bag features all new products and colors.

Mr. Saturn Nail Lacquer - The year was 199X and the place was Saturn Valley...meet the innocent and peaceful, Mr. Saturn, in all its peachy creme glory, for some fly honey! 
Starting off, I really hoped this color was going to be something amazing. There is a great shimmer which looks so perfect in the bottle. Swatch picture below. This polish also announced that there will be a Summer of 199X again next summer.

Jelly Red Sandals - A nod to the classic red jelly sandal we had growing up, this summer jelly red lacquer will definitely turn heads towards your hands and feet! 
I knew right off that it's a jelly but I'm so glad that it isn't quite as red on as it was in the bottle. I'm always only about 30% sure that I won't hate the jelly until I put it on..I've had a few really bad jelly formulas.

This was amazing. For being a jelly, it became so close to being opaque in two coats...but it's still squishy. It stayed on so long (which is weird for a jelly on me). It definitely reminds me of jelly sandals.

It turned out terribly. It was streaky and patchy and had these bizarre bumps that showed up. I even went so far as to start over and double check that my nails were clean before reapplying, and it was still the same. The color itself is wonderful but I was hoping for a much better formula. This is two coats (and then I gave up).

All Your Base - We know we've been featuring new polishes from future collections, but what about a good base coat for all of those pretty colors? Formulated with Vitamin E for healthy nails, our very own base coat provides an even surface for your favorite polish, extends the life of your manicure and protects your nail beds from staining.
I have seen a lot of hate on Facebook about them sending out a base coat. I don't feel quite the same, although I do think they should include three polishes and then have the base coat be part of the extras. I do like their base coat and it's not super stinky like some are, so it's still a win.

Fruit Juice Bath Oil - Blended with fine oils for bath and body, our new Fruit Juice Bath Oil, a supercharged blend of strawberry, kiwi, peach, and melon, absorbs into skin for all over hydration! Use in a bubble bath, after shower or with your next massage!
I admit, I've never used a bath oil before. I used it after my shower and my skin did feel more moisturized. Definitely smells great and my shower smelled amazing after!

Fruit Juice Perfume Oil Rollerball - Too many hit points got you down? "Lifeup" with our supercharged blend of strawberry, kiwi, peach, and melon perfume oil rollerball!
This is another product that will be part of next summer's Summer of 199X  collection. It smells really great and I love their fruity scents. They do such a great job and make sure that it smells like what you think of but also smell like something new and different!

Fruit Juice Bath Tea - We are very excited to introduce Rainbow Honey's own Bath Tea blend! A luxurious and indulgent blend of Lemongrass, Chamomile, Orange Peel, Rose, Passion Flower, and Lavender is relaxing, soothing, and pampering!
I don't take baths, I am just not a bath person and especially not in a tiny tub like I have now. It smells nice, but I will be passing it to someone else.

Overall, I liked it but I wasn't a huge fan of the Valentine's Day colors. I understand where they were coming from, but I never would have realized it had I not read the paper they include. I love the new scent but having a year to come out is a long wait for something teased.

As always, let me know what you thought about this bag in the comments!

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