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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pretty & Polished Beauty Box - August 2015

What is Pretty and Polished?: Pretty and Polished is an indie nail polish brand that also sells bath & body products, nail vinyls, and this Beauty Box! This box is available for sale on the first of the month, but the website currently says it's for July.

How Much is Pretty and Polished Beauty Box?: Pretty and Polished Beauty Box is only $22.00/month! Each box contains a coupon that could be 10% off or $5.00 off!

This month's box included two new exclusive shades and one polish that's soon to be discontinued as well as great extras!

Everything came super well wrapped again, which always makes me feel comfortable ordering in the future.

A Cut Above - This is a multi-colored glitter topper. I can see a variety of types of glitters in the bottle but there was some fishing that occurred to try to get glitter pieces out of the bottle. 

I'm not really a big fan of glitter toppers that don't really have much glitter that shows. The colors are amazing but I want my glitter toppers to have more glitter when I apply. I could have fished and placed glitters to get more, but I wanted an accurate portrayal of basic application.

The Sea Glass Is Half Full - This is amazing, and sadly it's the polish that's about to be discontinued. These indie boxes have opened me up to these types of polishes, and I love them for that. The base is a great dark cream color and the glitter pieces in this are just the best. I love the color combination of pink, blue, and teal and the faintest amount of blue shimmer. It's just great.

This applied super easily and was opaque in two coats.

I'm All Business - This sky blue base is so great. The pieces of dark blue, white, and gold match perfectly. I really wanted to love the actual polish, but without a white base, it did not become opaque in two coats. 

White a white base, I think this would be perfect!


Salty Dog Foot Scrub - This is a new product to Pretty and Polished. I am getting more into at-home pedicures and this is a great addition. 

Polished Vino Vinyls - I'm loving getting these vinyls and hopefully I will get comfortable enough using them to display my creations!

Pedicure Sandals - These are a great extra to have around the house for if you are going to get a pedicure or if you just did one and then need shoes for some reason.

This month was great and I loved trying new polishes. These new types are opening my eyes and making me want to order ones similar to these. I really had never thought I would like jellies/crellies with glitter in it before these subscriptions, which is the purpose of subscriptions! September boxes are now available so be sure to grab yours!

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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