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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Enchanted Polish Monthlies (June, July, August 2015)

It's time for yet another Enchanted Polish Monthlies review. I am working on collecting all of this year's polishes, so fingers crossed I don't miss a pre-order! As before, each polish is $16.50 plus $1.00 shipping. If you're interested in getting polishes during the next pre-order, be sure you're following me on social media because I make sure to post it everywhere as soon as she's let us know. 

June, July, and August. Without/with flash.

June 2015 - This was a stunning one-coat polish! I love how it's more coral in regular lighting but the pink comes out under flash. It's a wonderful polish and applied so nicely. It's a great summer-y color.

July 2015 - This took two coats to become opaque, but it smoothed out instantly. It's a lovely pale blue/grey with a gorgeous holo that stands out under almost any light.

August 2015 - This also took two coats to be fully opaque, but it's the most gorgeous polish I've seen in a while. The blue in it definitely pops under light and the holo is so strong, I'm in love.

I loved these polishes from Enchanted. If you're looking to pick up some of her polishes, there is a pre-order of four new polishes on August 15 @ 1pm EDT. Based on the Instagram pictures, they are to die for and I'm definitely going to pick some new polishes up!

As always, let me know what you thought about these polishes in the comments!

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