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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Aromaleigh Ephemera - August 2015

As I stated in last month's review, this is the last box from Aromaleigh. Aromaleigh products can still be purchased through her shop. While this is the last monthly subscription, she is still releasing a monthly collection, her Menagerie, which is an offshoot of the Color of the Month.

What is Aromaleigh Ephemera?: Aromaleigh Ephemera is a monthly indie subscription box for makeup. You can also buy from their makeup lines that are released regularly. Their lines are based on mythology, history, literature, etc and they make some gorgeous colors with amazing finishes. See my past Aromaleigh Ephemera reviews here

How much is Aromaleigh Ephemera?: $17.99 with shipping to the US.

I had seen a theme spoiler. It's Marie Antoinette, but a more 80's vibe!

The artwork is adorable and I would love to have a sheet of these stickers to decorate with.

With flash.

Maria Antonia (blush glow) - Delicate coral pink with rose iridescence.
Love this, but it's definitely not a color I could wear as a blush. Super pale girl, party of one. It's an amazing color and it's lip safe, so I'm going to try using it with a lip gloss.

Dauphine (eyeshadow) - Pale ivory with shimmering copper iridescence.
This is seriously one of the most gorgeous colors I've ever seen. Pale ivory is the best term for this and it's perfect for a highlighter on me.

L'autrichienne (eyeshadow) - Matte baroque aqua.
This SCREAMS 80's, and I love it. In the information, it's suggested to try it as an eyeliner, which sounds like an excellent idea! I think it would look amazing paired with Versailles.

Versailles (highlighter) - Soft true metallic gold highlighter, for a gilded glow.
Oh geez at this color. It's seriously gold, gold, gold. I have no other words to describe it. It's perfect for a fancy eyeshadow for me! If you use it VERY lightly, you can get a great gold highlighter.

I decided to start using my Macro camera, so this is a collage of macro shots.

Extra from Sweet Tea Apothecary. It smells very French and makes me feel very fancy when I put it on. Upon perusing their website, it appears there is an entire 'Ladies' collection that I would loved to try out!

Getting this box was such a huge bag of mixed emotions. While I was so happy to get this and see how Marie Antoinette was portrayed, I was so sad that the subscription is over. Like I said before, you can still try out their monthly collections, it's just not the same as the subscription. Be sure to let me know what Aromaleigh shadows you try out and let me see what looks you make with it!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments.

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