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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pipe Down This Love is Bliss Collaboration Box

What is Pipe Down This Love is Bliss?: Pipe Down This Love is Bliss polish box is a limited release collaboration box that comes out once a month. There are three set makers, Pipe Dream Polish, Love Angeline, and Bliss Polish. Each month they bring in a fourth maker, this month it is Nvr Enuff Polish, and release four limited edition polishes in one amazing box. You can see spoilers for the next month on their Instagram. The next box is being released in September, so make sure to keep an eye out for their next box theme!

How Much is Pipe Down This Love is Bliss?: Pipe Down This Love is Bliss is $35 (plus shipping) for each box, which is such a great value! 

Each maker has their own polish wrapped individually and uniquely. The box released on a Monday and I received it that Thursday, which is absolutely amazing and ridiculous at the same time. This box's theme is Pitch Perfect, which excited me more than I thought it would.

Love, Angeline (Pitch, Please) Without/with flash.

Bliss Polish (Flashlight) Without/with flash.

Without/with flash.

Both of these went on super nicely. These are two coats each and they leveled out almost instantly. I definitely loved the Love, Angeline polish for it being so simple and such a great classic purple.

Nvr Enuff (Mr. Magic Man) Without/with flash.

Pipe Dream Polish (You've Got a Toner) Without/with flash.

Without/with flash.

I admit, I purchased this box for these two polishes specifically. I have been looking for a berry holo, and the Pipe Dream polish is just to die for. The Nvr Enuff did chip pretty easily after a few hours, so I definitely suggest using a great base/top coat combo for daily wear.

Overall, I loved this box and thought it was great for the price. All four brands were new to me and all ones that I look forward to purchasing again in the future. As I said, this box is a limited release so you do have to be online the moment it releases to get one. This one in particular sold out in under a minute, so I was so lucky I could get it.

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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