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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nicely Noted Subscription

Disclosure: This review contains affiliate links.

What is Nicely Noted?: Nicely Noted is a monthly subscription box (envelope?) that sends a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps. Each month includes three cards and stamps, which comes in an envelope and everything comes individually in plastic. It's a great way to

How Much is Nicely Noted?: Nicely Noted is $20/month or $220 annually. On top of subscribing, you can outright purchase their Card Organizer as well in various stages of being filled, if you just want to start your card collection now.

Of course a stationery subscription comes in a special envelope. The address also is super cute, but you can't see that. :D

The month, the collection is 'Dots.' I love the handwritten touch!

The wrap shows you where your stationery is coming from for this collection!

Boat by Iron Curtain Press ($5.00) - This is a card that I would send to my dad. He loves boats and I love how it's simple but awesome at the same time. They also have an entire Harbor collection that's just full of boats.

Connecting Dots by Pepper Press ($5.50) - This is such a cute card and just a way to say 'thinking of you' for a random smile! I couldn't find the white paper with blue dots, but there are a bunch of other dot cards.

Birthday Brushies by Hammerpress ($4.50) - I'm so bad about birthday cards, but I want to start sending out cards to people. This is a great way to start collecting them to send out. On top of having gorgeous cards, there is also a collection of astrological sign cards, which is just amazing.

Assorted Stamps ($1.47 technically) - I LOVE these stamps. These will not be used, so sorry if you get a card from me, because I feel like I want to save them for the prettiness. I really feel like these are worth more than $0.49 each, just because of how awesome and not normal they are.

The value of the cards doesn't actually hit the cost of the subscription, but this is one where the value of it being curated is worth more than the items themselves. I love how they feature different makers and not just one kind of card. If you want to subscribe to Nicely Noted, just click here and get started! As always, let me know what you thought of this in the comments!

This box was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. That's pretty cool and as I get back into sending paper cards, I think this box would be a perfect way to get back in touch with some people.