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Friday, June 19, 2015

Code Red Crate Review (Code Red Version)

The lovely women at Code Red Crate sent me this box to review!

What Is Code Red Crate?: Code Red Crate is a time-of-the-month subscription box where you get feminine hygiene products plus snacks, candies, pain relievers, teas, pampering items, and more! There are four options: Cravings Box (no feminine products), Code Yellow, Code Orange, and Code Red. When you sign up, they ask your favorite feminine hygiene products and your birthday. You get what you choose and you get something special for your birthday month!

How Much Is Code Red Crate?: Cravings Box is $10, Code Yellow is $20, Code Orange is $25, and Code Red is $30. Shipping is $6.99 for US, $9.99 for Canada, and $14.99 for International.

This is my review for the Code Red box.

Every month comes with their '5 Monthly Tips' and a note with what's included on the back.

I knew as soon as I opened it that this was a box to die for. It's huge, had a ton of stuff, and I saw chocolate instantly - huge win for me.

Beach Bag - It's bright enough so you can keep an eye on it and big enough to hold the necessities.
Inflatable Can Coozie - This is adorable. This will be used at the pool or just to keep a drink floating during a long bath.

Feminine Product: 
Somehow my pic with my Advil, pantyliners, and my Discreet bags went missing, but those were in the box as well. It included two travel packs of Advil and 5 discreet bags for your fem.hygiene product as well as five pantyliners.. There were also 20 tampons and three Summer's Eve Wipes.

Drinks and Candy:
I was floored at just the massive amount of candy that was included. There was gummies, a lollipop, hard candy, and chocolate, which is exactly what you need when it's your 'time.' There was also a nice variety of teas and a pina colada single, all stuff I had never tried before but it all ended up being amazing.

Pampering Items:
The candle is coconut and smells amazing. I had never heard of Angel Face lip balm before, but it smells really great and the hook is so convenient for summer. I love that they included sunscreen and I am happy that it's not a super high SPF. The bath bomb is coconut, so summery! It arrived 100% intact, which is a massive feat in and of itself.

On top of a huge amount of candy, you get a really good assortment of snacks as well. Everything is good, but the brownie and the moon pie were my favorites (hello, it's chocolate). It was nice that they included chips that can be used with the hummus, it's not something that everyone remembers to do.

Overall, I thought this was a great box and it's a great time-of-the-month box. It really has everything you could need or want and you get your favorite feminine hygiene products, which you would have to buy anyways. It's just such a convenient way to get what you need every month without having to worry about running out! What do you think about Code Red Crate? Let me know in the comments!

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