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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Birchbox - June 2015 (Last Birchbox...maybe ever.)

What is Birchbox?: Birchbox is the original subscription box, and it's still going strong. Birchbox sends anywhere from 4 to 8 products a month (full size, deluxe sample size, and sample size) and you can review your items each month for 10 points/item plus extra points for sharing your box on Social Media. You can also get additional points for getting a yearly subscription or getting referrals. Every 100 points you earn is $10 to use in their shop. Now on to the box!

How Much is Birchbox?: Birchbox is $10/month or $110/year. There is also a men's box for $20/month or $195/year.

As the title mentions, this is my last Birchbox. I have just been feeling meh about my boxes and I haven't been excited with it anymore. I get so many boxes and Birchbox just isn't what I am interested in right now. 

Pink shipping box.

Say Yes.

Everyone received a card with a code on it. You went to a specific website and entered your code to see what you won. I ended up winning a 30% off $50 purchase, which is absolutely useless (they send these types of coupons to Aces frequently). Coupons varied from 10% off $50 to 50% off a subscription.

Theme card.

Info card.

Temple Spa Good Hair Day Shampoo ($1.73) - Definitely didn't like this shampoo. It is exactly like what you would find in a hotel. Smells like it and even looks just like it.

CoTZ Sensitive SPF 40 ($1.03) - I am not a fan of CoTZ products and I'm super tired of sunscreen.

Temple Spa In Good Condition Conditioner ($1.73) - Same as the shampoo. Hotel samples.

L.Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holder ($1.20) - A very big, thick ponytail holder. I tend to use plain black ones, so this is very different for me. It held my hair, but would be far too big if your hair wasn't as thick as mine.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner (Blue Lagoon) ($3.11) - Love, love, love. This liner was sent because another (plain black liner) was held up in shipping. I love this replacement and love the shade. Swatch below.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint ($4.80) - Way too dark, way too yellow, and way too stinky. It's made for someone much darker than I.


This box was valued at a ridiculously low $13.60. The poor value of this box definitely played into my decision of canceling. Only the liner is something that I would keep, and everything else is going into a pile to give away. As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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  1. Sorry about your Birchbox cancelling!! Let me know when you plan to do a giveaway! I am planning a swap/sell in July!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty