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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet - May 2015

What is it?: Vanishing Cabinet is a monthly subscription box by Notoriously Morbid. The themes are usually nerdy and always fun!

How much is it?: $12.90/month with shipping.

The spoiler in April's box gave away that this theme is Once Upon a Time (like one of my favorite shows ever). 

Information card. VILLAINS!

First look.

Without flash.

You Want Darkness? - A slate brown base with tons of purple, green and gold sparkle. *This shadow will deepen or lighten, depending on the primer/base used underneath.
The part where it can be darker or lighter is amazing. My swatch is with no base, so I could give the best swatch. I love how it looks and that it applies so nicely. 

Misthaven - A forest green with blue overlay and shimmer, like glancing through the Looking Glass.
The way to my heart is through a green shadow, so this instantly won. The bits of blue make it pop so well and make it the perfect color if you're in a rush and only have time for one!

Dearie - A gold like no other; the vibrant, green hued sparkles in this metallic shadow bestows a magical aura even Rumple would be proud of.
Before getting indie subscriptions, I never would have tried out metallic shadows. Now I can't get enough. This is definitely one of the better ones and it stays put so easily without any fancy extras!

Always the Queen - The perfect metallic ruby red with hints of royal purple peeking through.
I love the colors in this shadow, but I am still looking for the right base to pair up with this one. It's a little patchy, but still looks great when I could get it to stay.

With flash.


I loved this box, and the theme made me so fangirl-y happy it was ridiculous. I honestly love the themes and how everything is relevant and fun! If you are ever looking for a great indie brand, regardless of if you subscriber or not, Notoriously Morbid is definitely one of the best to try out! Let me know what you thought of this in the comments and definitely let me know if there's an indie subscription that I haven't tried out yet!

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  1. Once Upon a Time is my favorite show so I'm loving this box. Do you purchase boxes individually or sign up and then get charged each month? It looks like the sub is currently sold out.

    1. You get charged every month. They open up spots at 10AM EST on the first Friday of the month (June 5th). If you want to get on the waitlist, email them at notoriouslymorbid@gmail.com with 'Waitlist' in the subject. They are first come first serve to get on the list, as they only make a certain amount each month. I would go ahead and email them now. I had no problem getting off the waitlist.

      This (https://www.facebook.com/groups/NMCustomerCrypt/) page is their fan page and it's where they give the most updates.