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Friday, May 15, 2015

Marvel Collector Corps - April 2015 (Age of Ultron)

Marvel announced their new subscription box, Collector Corps, at the end of the year last year. As soon as it was announced, husband had to subscribe. It ships every other month and we purchased a year of it so we could be guaranteed the special gift for being part of the Founders Program. For this, it's $150 for six boxes (one year) plus $41.70 for shipping. If you choose to do monthly rather than pay up front, it's $25/box plus $6.95 shipping. You don't get any discount for doing the yearly plan, but you do get the 'Founders Program' which is worth it to some!

It came in an awesome box that made sure everyone knew what you were getting!

The top of the box inside is part of a comic strip, completely cool.

I love the patch and pin that they sent. I would love to get a cork board to put these kinds of things on!

Marvel Collector Corps Patch ($5?)

Marvel Collector Corps Pin ($5?)

First look.

Thor VS Ultron T-Shirt ($25?) - There will be four exclusive shirts sent throughout this subscribing year, and this one was a great first start. I love how the comic styles are used rather than movie styles like so many other shirts out. It's soft and fits my husband well. 

Funko POP Hulkbuster ($30?) - These have been listed somewhere around $40 on eBay for a while now, but I'm 100% guessing on the value itself. It is an exclusive so there's no true way to know what it would be priced at. Regular POPs are around $10/each, but this one is bigger and special! This was honestly the huge win for the box. Husband loves Iron Man and we both love POPs. In our house, POPs don't get opened. ;)

Avengers Guardians Team-Up 001 ($5?) - Another pricing guess, but that's about what I find comic books for in physical form. The colors and designs are amazing, as are all Marvel comics.

Borbz Vinyl Figure Avengers Age of Ultron ($10?) - I love that it's little enough for me to put on my desk. I can use it to hold down papers because it's got some decent weight to it.

Back of the box to see design options.

GASP! I opened it. Worth it, though. I want all of the options, especially Groot. Since it's a mystery, this might get expensive.

Overall, this box was valued at approximately $80 (all due to my guessing). It was worth the cost of this month just for the Hulkbuster (for us), so everything else was extra. I love the nerdiness of the box, but also how everything is authentic and doesn't look cheap or fake. Next box (June) is Ant-Man, so be sure to sign up if you're interested in that! If you got this box, let me know what you thought about it!

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  1. This would make a perfect gift for a comic book fan. Really nice box.

  2. I know someone who would just LOVE to have this. Will most def. be sharing with them! <3 Christine, The Choosy Mommy, www.choosykids.blogspot.com