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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Julep+BRIKA Mystery Box Time!

Julep Maven released a Mystery Box (FINALLY) and it was one that I had to have. I wasn't necessarily sold on the colors right away, but I knew the bag was more than worth it to me. This entire box cost $29.99, and it was well worth the money. It's no longer available, but I definitely suggest signing up for their Monthly Subscription and getting started on your collection!

Included in this box is:

BRIKA Bag ($28?) - I'm not sure on the price of this, but this is based on other bags from BRIKA. I have my iPad Mini sticking out to get an idea of the size. I love the pattern and I love that it's made of Vegan Leather. 

Mascara (Length Matters) ($19.20 Maven/$24 Full Price) - I have so many mascaras, so this one will be put in the pile to be used once something else is emptied. I have heard mixed reviews on this, and I wouldn't buy again based on price alone.

Lip Gloss (Vivid) ($16 Maven/$20 Full Price) - This is definitely a win for my mom. I've received this very lip gloss a few other times and the color is great for her. 

Shayla (Bombshell) ($11.20 Maven/$14 Full Price) - I love that this is a full coverage glitter. I love their microglitters for accent nails and this one works perfectly for this. This was one of the two exclusives and spoiled polishes for the mystery box.

Marcella (CWAT) ($11.20 Maven/$14 Full Price) - Pink is a great color to team up with purple glitter, and this bubblegum pink is perfect for it. This was the other exclusive and spoiled polishes.

Chatoya (Boho) ($11.20 Maven/$14 Full Price) - This is a great glitter that I've been considering getting for quite some time now. I was so excited that it came in this box, so now I don't have to worry about grabbing it next time it goes on sale!

Brandis (Boho) ($11.20 Maven/$14 Full Price) - I actually have received this in the monthly box, but it's a great duplicate that I can either wait to reuse or pass off to someone else. It's a beautiful shade.

Bea (Bombshell) ($11.20 Maven/$14 Full Price) - This was the only color I wasn't pleased with, but it's all because yellow looks horrible on me. The shade itself is very pretty, though, and I suggest it as the yellow to try out if you are looking for one.

Inside of the bag.

This box is valued at $119.20 with Maven prices or $142 if you're not a Maven. It was short of the $150+ value they promoted, but everything was still more than worth the cost. The bag alone was what I was interested in, so everything else (including amazing polishes) was like a freebie to me. I definitely suggest checking out their mystery bags in the future, but be forewarned that you might get duplicates if you have as many polishes as I do. If you got this, let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

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