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Monday, May 18, 2015

Aromaleigh Ephemera - May 2015

What is it?: Aromaleigh Ephemera is a monthly indie subscription box for makeup. You can also buy from their makeup lines that are released regularly. Their lines are based on mythology, history, literature, etc and they make some gorgeous colors with amazing finishes.

How much is it?: $17.99 with shipping to the US.

I love the artwork and the effort that goes into the presentation every month. Small confession, I actually have all of the boxes still tied together. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I'm trying to keep my nicer packages. 

Information/theme card. The theme is based on Anne Boleyn, which I absolutely love. Henry VIII was one of the few things I loved about history from England and seeing this theme made me giggle!

First look.

Without flash.

Marquess - (Highlight glisten) Soft violet with golden highlights, use as a highlight or shadow.
This is great as a highlight, and it goes on super smooth. It's a little too light to use as a shadow on its own, but it goes great to add a little shimmer to a darker shadow.

Besotted - (Eyeshadow) A smooth, lustrous copper with violet tones.
I wasn't expecting this to be so gorgeous when I first opened it. It looks a little orange, but it is great with one swipe or layering it on.

La Plus Heureuse - (Eyeshadow) A celebratory regal purple, with gold and copper sparkle and shimmer.
I am hoping that putting this over a brown makes it pop a little more. It's a little sparse and looks like mostly glitter on bare skin.

Lady Perseverance - (Rouge) The perfect coral rose blossom.
I am such a fan of coral blushes, this is just another to add to my growing collection! I'm addicted to trying all that I find, but this is about as close to perfection as I will probably find. I swatched a little dark because most people aren't as ghost white as I am, so most people will use it a little heavier than I would in daily use.

With flash.


Extras, without flash. If you are wondering, next month's theme IS NOT Adam and Eve, it's Melusine.

Extras, with flash.


Tres Faulse Serpente, Tarantula.

Would I buy again?: Definitely! I am staying subscribed to Aromaleigh for as long as they stay up and running. It keeps me learning new things or being reminded of parts of history I haven't thought about since school. I definitely recommend everyone getting a subscription. 

If you got Aromaleigh's Ephemera this month, let me know what you thought about it!

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