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Monday, April 6, 2015

Mystic Muse Monthly - March 2015

Mystic Muse has started putting out a monthly box that has exclusives to the box only! Each month will have two full-sized polishes as well as the chance of extras. It is $24.00 per month, which is pretty great considering you get an exclusive code for free shipping with your first box. Another added bonus is that every sixth consecutive box is free, so it's definitely worth the money to keep going with it if you are at all interested. You can sign up between the first and 15th of every month, with shipping occurring on the 18th.

I had to take a good picture of the artwork on this month's box. 

From the Mystic Muse Mavens group, descriptions are:

Shy Violet - A beautiful Spring, pearlescent, violet lacquer, with an amazing depth of color.
Blue Skies - A subtle sky blue holo jelly, made with our crystal clear formula. Sky blue in color but 100% sheer! Great to use when doing the Lead lighting technique. Use 2-3 coats for more opacity.

Everything was wrapped up all nicely, in very pretty tissue paper.

Without flash.

With flash.

Two coats of each, using flash inside. It's been a crappy time for weather in Georgia, so pictures outside aren't happening without getting me and my phone super wet or covered in gross pollen.

Once again, I would have loved if Mystic Muse continued what they did in their first box, and added some kind of extras for the subscribers that don't get the huge prize. This month, one subscriber received an Origami Owl necklace designed by MM. Everyone else paid $12 each for two polishes that may or may not be liked.

Blue Skies is a decent polish once you get it thick enough to not be see-through. It takes a few thick coats to get to that point, though. Shy Violet is way too metallic and shows every imperfection on your nail. The base colors for these two polishes are wonderful, and the holo in Blue Skies is amazing, but I would not have paid $12 each for these...I wouldn't even pay $8 each.

If you got Mystic Muse Monthly this month, let me know what you thought about it.

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