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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

innocent+twisted Alchemy - April 2015

 innocent+twisted is a newer subscription that I stumbled upon and new I had to bring it to you as soon as I saw it. The owner/maker is an amazing person that hand-draws the art that comes with the subscription. With this subscription, it is $18/month for what you see below. There is a deluxe subscription as well for $12/month. She also ships internationally for $4 extra on either options.

Artwork. Please note the SailorMoon!

Info card.

The product on the left, the Angelic Powder, is something new for this month. It is an all-over face powder that can be used to add glow or as a highlight.

With flash

Moonlight Stalker - Definitely a heavier highlight powder. It can be used on eyes, cheeks, or everywhere to make you glow and have shimmer. 

Berry Bomb - Definitely, berry is the best way to describe this shade. There is some amazing red/gold shimmer in this as well, to showcase the berry base so much better. It applies beautifully and stays on nicely with or without a base.

Green grenade - I was really shocked when I opened this. I wasn't expecting to like this shade near as much as I do. It blends so nicely with golds and browns, and I love the gold shimmer in it. When the light hits, so many colors show through.

Without flash.


Extras, with flash.

Extras, without flash.


Baroque Cosmetics - Mucha Ado About Nothing
Tilt/Shift Cosmetics - Made for i+t Alchemy (exclusive)
Ten Three Labs - Madness
Esoteric Aesthetic - Magica (exclusive)

Once again, I love my i+t subscription. The colors are amazing and work so well with other shades within the subscription or with any other shadow you might have. The extras still blow me away with how wonderful they are, and I may have found a new love in Tilt/Shift. If you haven't checked out innocent+twisted's subscription or her products, I definitely suggest you do it ASAP! If you didn't notice, you get an exclusive coupon for being part of the subscription! Be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comments!

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  1. Love your review of this indie brand and the swatches!!

  2. Pssts, it's not supposed to be SailorMoon. It's supposed to be my i+t mascots as magical girls :)