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Friday, April 17, 2015

BattlBox Mission 2

Disclosure: This review contains affiliate links. 

The lovely people at BattlBox sent me this month's box in exchange for a review. BattlBox is a new subscription box with survival, tactical, and edc gear and all sorts of goodies for survivalists! They advertise for men but anyone that loves this kind of gear will fall in love with the box.

There are four levels: Basic ($24.99), Advanced ($49.99), Pro ($99.99), and Pro Plus including the Knife of the Month ($149.99). Your first box you subscribe to will be the Mission 1 box, regardless of when you sign up. The next box you receive will be the current Mission. BattlBox sent me the Advanced box for review!

In addition to getting an amazing box, you also receive a logo sticker to put on anything and everything you can find.

Theme card.

Info card. I love how everything is priced and how you can find out what came in this mission's box for the other options. 

Handmade Pine Pitch Fire Starters ($7.95) - They posted a video to explain how to use a fire starter if you never have before. We have a one of these already but it's something that's useful to have in many places. They're great for go bags and take up almost no room.

Snake Bite Kit ($8.95) - We've never actually bought one of these, which is so weird since we live in Georgia. I hope to never have to use this, but I'm so glad to have it just in case. It's something else that can fit in a go bag and that's ridiculously useful.

NITE-IZE Carabiner Keychain ($2.50) - I like how it came taped so that it wouldn't get damaged, and I wanted to show that. If anyone uses it, I will, as my husband hates extra stuff on his keys. It's not super heavy so it doesn't weigh stuff down, but the carabiner is really strong!

Titanium Compact Camp Stove ($10.53) - Using this and a fuel cube can make an easy stove to cook something on quickly. It folds up to take up practically no space, so it's easy to find a place for it.

12 Pack Esbit Fuel Cubes ($7.95) - I think it's weird that the fuel cubes were sent in the basic box and both the cubes and the stove were in the advanced. I think they should be sent in the same box since they are used together. I do like them and I am interested in trying it out if it ever stops raining!

Compact Emergency Drinking Water ($2.00) - It's fresh water, and I like that it was freshly packaged, so it's good for a long time. 

Desert Shemagh ($8.72) - Watching me and husband trying to figure out how to put this on was hilarious. I haven't figured out what to do with it, yet, but I'm determined to. It's good for being outdoors for a while to cover your face, and the pattern is great.

R.A.T.S. Tourniquet ($14.95) - This is another thing that I hope I never have to use, but I am glad that it's something we have now. I know how to make a makeshift tourniquet, but I like having a legitimate one.

This box was valued at $69 and the cost of it is $49.99. It's not the greatest value for what you pay, but it's all stuff that is super useful and stuff that everyone might not necessarily have. This subscription is a great one to get for a survivalist or a friend that wants to get into it. It's a great starting point to make a go bag or a 'just in case' kit. Let me know what you think about this subscription box in the comments, I'd love to know others opinions besides mine and my husband's.

This subscription box was provided to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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