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Monday, March 30, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag (MINI) - March 2015

Rainbow Honey is back live (as of yesterday) and you can now subscribe to their Mystery Bag again! If you are interested, your bag will start in April but currently the March bag is still available. If you get the mini bag, it is $10 (plus $2.95 shipping), whereas the full-size is $25 (with free shipping). I stick with the mini ones now, mostly because of how many polishes I already have. ;)

The colors will be the same between the mini and the full size bag, the mini is obviously just smaller. The scents are the same as well, but there are product differences on what is included, or the sizes will be different!

The colors for this month definitely weren't what I was expecting. For something March, I expected at least one green. 

Products this month included:
Rainbow Honey Tea Biscuit Scented Top Coat - Scented top coats are nice, but the scent definitely doesn't stick around longer than a few days. That being said, if you change your mani pretty frequently then it's great for you.
Rose Macaron Solid Perfume - I've been loving their solid perfumes for a while now. I love being able to touch up a scent during the day, but I'm always terrified of my perfume bottle being smashed or leaking in my purse. This is a great way to not worry about that.
Petit Four Perfume Oil Rollerball - This scent is part of their upcoming collection titled 'La Patisserie' and a great way to find out if you want to buy that entire collection. It smells like cake and icing, so it's my current scent. I love how sweet it is, and it's not something that people will be wearing regularly.

With flash.

Kozmic Blues (deep kozmic blue packed with holo hex and precious metal pigments) - This is a sneak peek of their upcoming collection, 'Galaxy Nails Set part II.' I absolutely love the base in this, it's the perfect blue that can be worn across seasons without being too light or dark. I am never a huge fan of hex glitters, but I make an exception for RH.
Lemon Honey (sunny lemon lacquer with a touch of honey, gently packed with micro gold flakes). Yellow is a color that I almost never wear. Even so, it's so pretty and the gold reflects so nicely that it is definitely accent nail material. 

Crystal Sword (jelly pink base packed with holographic glitters and timid butterflies in a sea of glittering gold, crystals, and holos). Unfortunately, this polish has way too much going on for me to ever wear it. It's a beautiful color and if it weren't packed so much, I could consider wearing it. To the swap pile it goes.

Without flash.

With what all was included in this month's bag, and how they gave sneak peeks towards new collections, it's impossible to say that I didn't like the bag. I'm not the hugest fan of the colors, but the products are more of what I'm here for. They always have something new and the scents are unlike anything else available on the market. For the cost, it's definitely worth it to me. 
If you got Rainbow Honey's Mystery Bag for this month, let me know what you thought about it in the comments!

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