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Monday, March 23, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag - March 2015

Ipsy is a monthly subscription priced at $10/month that sends 4-5 products plus a different (mini) makeup bag each month. They also have a referral program where you earn points for referring people to joining. Those points can also be earned for sharing your bag on Facebook and reviewing the products you receive. The nice part is they offer online coupons for most of their monthly items and you can get the coupons for all offered products in all bags that month, just not yours. They have updated the rewards you get for using points and now will offer rewards for 500, 1000, and 1500 points. They still are terrible about updating what is offered and currently, not too much is in stock. Be sure to use your points within a year of earning them, though, because they do expire.

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While the bag fits the theme, I'm not big on flowers. It's a decent quality bag, however, and would definitely stand up quite some bit.

pur-lisse Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser and Make-Up Remover ($6.43) - I wasn't happy at all about what seemed like the thousandth pur-lisse product, but I was pleased when I saw it was a make-up remover. I am always willing to take another make-up remover, and especially one that I can throw in an overnight bag if necessary.

dr.brandt Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion ($8.82) - I'm over dr.brandt products as well, only because it seems like they are in every single box and bag. I will use this just so I can say I have an anti-aging course and make myself feel better. It's a super empty container and only has a few uses, unfortunately.

NYX Butter Lipstick (Hunk) ($6.00) - Yay on finally getting an NYX in something (it's my favorite drugstore brand) but no yay on a dark and purple color. Butter Lipsticks are the bomb, though, and I suggest everyone trying a few colors out!

Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Highlighter (Crystal Pink) ($18.00) - I couldn't find a definitive price on this, but $18 was about mid-range of what I saw. This is a gorgeous highlighter for cheeks or for your eyes, and it's so creamy. I had never even heard of this brand before, but the shades she has are amazing.

Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer ($5.20) - This shocked me the most. It's a light-medium shade, but I was able to make this work. If you are more on the legit medium side, I would try a sample out first to make sure it's not too light. It's nice to use and thick enough to cover up even my raccoon eyes.

This month's bag is valued at $44.45 and I was shocked at how much I liked it. I'm not the hugest fan of some of the brands but I think this was a good bag regardless. If you got Ipsy this month, let me know what you thought about it!

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  1. what a great way to check out a whole bunch of makeup!!

  2. I haven't heard of tis box will have to look into it. Thank you