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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - January 2015

Rainbow Honey is a nail polish brand that offers a subscription box. There is the 'mini' ($10) and full-size bag ($25). You can also buy one month at a time if you want to wait for spoilers, but you do pay shipping on that. If you are already making a purchase from Rainbow Honey over $60, you can go ahead and grab the mini from that month for free! That's what I did and here it is. :)

This is the mini, so the products are smaller and there might not be every item from the full-size one, but it's a good way to try out their formulas and get in on the products they offer.

Each month, there is a 'scent.' The products will have that scent/flavor and it might even tie in with the polishes as well! This month, it was lemon sorbet, which is amazing. The three products include a lip balm, a sugar lip scrub, and a soap bar. My favorite is the lip scrub, which smells amazing. The lip balm is also being used like crazy, but the soap is so fancy looking that I'm saving it for visitors! 

The three colors are Dirty Martini, Rosey Bot, and Lemon Sorbet. I wasn't expecting to like these that much until I used them. Lemon Sorbet also is scented like the products, which made my mani so much more fun.

Rosey Bot is much more orange than I expected from the bottle shot, but I definitely still would use all three again. Lemon Sorbet will definitely be purchased in full size once their store opens up again!

If you got Rainbow Honey's bag for January, let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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