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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month - February 2015

For those that haven't heard of Glamour Doll Eyes before, it's a wonderful indie brand that makes all kinds of makeup products. She recently moved to a new Of the Month site that handles the massive amounts of traffic that has been happening recently and is choosing subscribers via a Rafflecopter that you can enter in each month, so make sure to enter in every month if you don't win! This subscription is $10/month ($15 in Canada and $17 elsewhere) and includes full sized products and usually (but not always) a freebie sample!

Such a pretty bag. I love this lace/burlap combination and I want something with the same pattern...but bigger!

Info card, front. The Try More Indie code is private this month, so I used the super cute charm to cover it up. ;)

Info card, back.

Not to be Truffled With - Silky semi matte chocolate base with a layer of crimson sheen and raspberry sparkle.
The base and the sparkle combined are the perfect mix! It's buildable or easily a one-swipe for a little bit of color. I love that it looks so much like chocolate, and that it fits so well into the theme.

Saucy 'Lil Sugar Tart - Deep, berry red with a sparkle of gold, holo glitter.
Eek, nail polish always wins me over! I am constantly looking at new brands and I've been searching for some berry polishes recently. I definitely am looking more at this brand thanks to this subscription, which is the point...right?

Lesbian Request Denied - Dark gray base with a pink sheen, shimmer and shine.
Once again, the sample perfectly matches with the full-size, and would make an amazing eye look. It's light and has the perfect amount of shimmer. The name is pretty awesome as well.

Coastal Scents Liquid Eyeliner (Jet) - This, in my opinion, was a terrible addition to this month. I get Coastal Scent crap in most other subs, I don't want to see it in an indie. It's not a great product and I am throwing it into the pile that I won't use.

Without flash.

With flash, look at all of that shimmer!

Not to be Truffled With.

Lesbian Request Denied.

All except for the CS, I absolutely loved this month's OTM. If you got this month, let me know what you thought about it!

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