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Friday, January 9, 2015

Starlooks Starbox - November 2014

This was my second month getting Starlooks Starbox, and I have to admit I was still a little disappointed yet again. I was expecting some amazing box after looking at past month's boxes.  For those that don't know, Starbox is a subscription box by Starlooks. The box (for me) is $17.68 each month and they have a referral program now that works! 

Theme card, Mineral Inspired

Info card.

First look

Starlooks Longwear Pot Eye Liner (Star Dust) ($16.00) - I honestly have no words for a shimmery silver eye liner pot (with no brush). There were so many other colors they could have sent that would have been amazing. Eyeliners should be sent in basic colors, that way everyone can try them. If you want silver, you will buy silver. This just looked terrible on me.

Starlooks Glitter (Quartz) ($18.00) - This is a gorgeous shade of gold with flecks of pink. I will probably put a small dab as an accent on a neutral eye for night looks. It is good in that it doesn't go everywhere when you use it, instead it stays about where you put it.

Starlook's Matte Lip Liner (Terri's Choice) ($14.00) - This is a new shade that's (still) not available on their website. It's a great berry shade in application, it's nothing like what the pencil looks like on the outside. It stays on wonderfully and doesn't smudge once it's on.

Also included were some rhinestones, without any instructions on applying them or if they are even safe for your face.

Overall, this box is worth $48.00, but it's only really worth the money if you use products they sent. To me, it was only worth the lip liner. Still, it introduced me to products I wouldn't have looked at twice before. What do you think of this Starlooks box? Let me know in the comments!

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