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Monday, November 3, 2014

Allure's Sample Society - October 2014

Sample Society is brought to us by Allure Magazine and includes five deluxe sized beauty products (hair, makeup, and skin). It is only $15 and they charge tax in certain states (I'm not sure which ones, but I was charged an extra $1.05 in Georgia). Included with each box is a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase from BeautyBar. This month, it only took three days from ship date to arrival and arrives UPS--amazing! Don't ask me why this took so long to get put up, it came in very early in October but it got lost in the shuffle and I never wrote this up - SORRY!

The theme for October was Cold Comforts and is all about moisturizing more when it gets colder and the air gets dryer. It makes perfect sense to me because we were getting snow Halloween night (insane in Georgia) so it's freezing and I'm drying out. 

I wanted to make sure to I got a picture of the mini-magazing. I love her makeup and wish I had her cheekbones, so excuse me while I go be a little bit jealous.

First look. Everything is always packed in there so precisely and I can never get things back in the way they come to me.

Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum ($12.88) - I'm definitely not digging this at all. I don't have dark spots and don't have redness so I don't have something that needs fading. I'm sure others loved this item, but it's absolutely useless to me.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara ($28.00) - This mascara uses kohl pigments to keep your eyelashes smooth and soft after it dries, and I think it does that for the most part. I'm not in love with this mascara, and especially considering how small it is, but it's not on my most-hated mascara list. I know my mom will love it, but I would not buy if I needed a new one. 

Bond No. 9 High Line ($6.71) - This is one of the worst smelling perfumes I have ever tried. It is supposed to smell like wood and wildflowers with hints of sea moss to smell like the breeze coming off of the Hudson, which I believe for the last part. The Hudson smelled terrible when I was up there and this does as well. It's extremely high-priced and definitely not worth the cost at all. I highly suggest smelling this somewhere before purchasing.

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo & Conditioner ($0.67/each) - I think these sell for more if you were to buy them in the travel section, but I'm basing this off of full-sized cost. I don't hate this shampoo or conditioner, I just wouldn't use it daily. This is perfect for throwing in a gym bag or for travel, so it will definitely get used!

Emi-Jay Hair Ties ($6.60) - These are cute and their website has some great patterns, but they are definitely not for girls with a lot of hair, like me. They didn't hold up and my hair was falling soon after putting it up. I see that they were created by two 14-year-old girls, so I assume they consider thinner hair for them. I like the concept of hair ties like this, but they always let me down.

The value of this box was $55.53, but I did not get nearly that much value out of it. I am giving Sample Society one more month before I throw the towel in and cancel. They have been having decently valued boxes recently, but nothing that I can really use. If you got Sample Society for October, let me know what you thought about it in the comments! 

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