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Monday, October 6, 2014

Yes to... Mystery Box + COUPON!

Yes to..., the brand that makes the line of face/body/hair products that are 95% all natural now sells mystery boxes. There are two sizes, $25.00 (value of $61.93) and $40.00 (value of $89.85), and either one is a great way to try out new products by Yes to without committing to paying full price. This time, I purchased the $25.00 box, just to see what all would be included and to see how many of their products I like outside of what I regularly purchase. 

The $25 box includes at least five products and the $40.00 box includes at least seven products! Shipping is pricey, at $7.00 unless you spend $50.00, but I added on a sampler pack for $5.00 and received free shipping on the entire order. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if it's a regular deal, but I was more than willing to try it out!

Sadly, this is how it arrived. I was hoping for a little bit better packaging or at least in a box that fit the products well, but they were just thrown in. This isn't to say that the box isn't good, I just would recommend checking everything when you first get the box to make sure nothing is broken or damaged.

Yes to...Carrots Leave-In Conditioner ($8.99 regular / $5.39 sale) - As with most leave-in conditioners, you use this in place of your conditioner once or twice a week to repair your hair from heat/color/wind/everyday damage. I like the smell of this but I'm still waiting to see how well it works instead of my current leave-in. It's not a bad price, especially for how big it is! 

Yes to...Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes ($5.99) -  This is the third variety of towelettes that I have tried under the brand, and probably my least favorite. They exfoliate, which is very convenient if you don't already have an exfoliator in your skincare routine, which I do. I don't know if my skin looked 'brighter,' but it was a little redder than it was. I'll find a use for these, but I wouldn't purchase again.

Yes to...Carrots Anti-Frizz Serum ($7.99 regular / $4.79 sale) - This is another item that is on sale, so I'm noticing a trend when it comes to their mystery boxes...not a good sign. I like the idea of this product, though. My hair is wavy/curly so I have serious frizz, especially in the summer or even weeks like this when it's ridiculously humid out. My hair doesn't easily get oily anymore (maybe thanks to the new birth control I'm on??) so I can't comment on that, and it did help with some of the frizz I had going on recently. I am afraid that all of these products that are on sale are going to be discontinued, which saddens me because I may end up loving these products and then they're gone!!!

Yes to...Carrots Repairing Night Cream ($14.99 regular / $9.02 sale) - I have been using the crap out of this stuff, and it seems like it has hardly lost any volume! I didn't have a night cream in my skincare routine, so this came at the perfect time. I did have the few days of breakouts after starting this, but that's something that happens with most people. It did help my skin look better and it seems to be more moisturized than it was, which is great considering it is supposed to be getting colder soon. It's not too thick so I don't feel uncomfortable trying to sleep with it. I will buy more of this (as long as it doesn't get discontinued!).

Yes to...Carrots Berry Lip Butter ($2.99 regular / $1.80 sale) - For those that follow my posts, it is easy to figure out that I'm addicted to lip products of all kinds. It's genetic, because my mom carries around at least six different lip products in her purse alone. I like this and like the berry flavor/scent of it. It does what one would expect, which is moisturize your lips. It's a good product, but it's another that is on sale so I'm not hoping to like it too much in case it disappears.

Yes to...Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes ($5.99) - These right here!! This was the first product I ever bought from Yes to. I had been wanting new towelettes to clean my face some a while back and ran into these. They also do a great job removing makeup, especially considering they aren't intended for that purpose. I love the scent of these and love how my face feels after I use it. Definitely a recommendation (and I don't expect these to be d/c'd anytime soon).

Yes to...Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen (Kids) ($14.99) - The last product I received was this sunscreen...which I have no use for at all. I especially have no use for kids' sunscreen, because I really don't need something with such a high SPF. My mom will use it, because she always uses sunscreen, I'm glad that it will be used, but it wasn't a great choice to throw in a mystery box.

This is everything all pretty (as pretty as it would get). You would be surprised as to how difficult it is to make some of this stuff stand up!! The total value using the regular prices was in fact $61.93, however using the actual (current) prices, the value drops down to $47.97. It's still worth the cost of the box and then some, but it's disappointing that they are using regular prices to make it look higher valued. I'm also concerned that since the value is the same down to the penny, I will get the same items if I order another box. 

As I said, I purchased the $5.00 sampler pack to get free shipping, and this is what I received. I like that they sent some towelettes, and I definitely want more singles of these for travel and my purse, and I also like that they included some products not included in mystery boxes. I love trying new stuff and this is the perfect size to try it!

COUPON! Currently, I am seeing that YESTO35 takes 35% off regular priced items (not mystery boxes or sale gift certs). Another coupon I was notified of by Erica is WinWin20 to get 20% off plus free shipping! Let me know if these work for you!

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  1. I have never heard of this box! Very interested! I agree that presentation does matter somewhat, so that is a bummer, but all in all a great box of products. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I would have been ashamed to send a box that looked like that. I get that they don't want to use multiple sizes but it's not very environmental or professional to just throw something so small into a huge box. :/

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad you loved it! I definitely recommend trying out their products, but I would probably just run to Target or Walgreens before ordering again.

  3. I like the lipbutter, sunscreen, and wipes. :)

    The codes work, but if you want something worth your money excluding sales. You can use winwin20 to get free shipping + 20% off which gives more than yesto35 though :)

    1. Thanks for the other coupon! I'll update the post. :)