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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NatureBox - October 2014

NatureBox is a food subscription box that actually gives you the option to pick what you want to get! It's $19.95/month and you get 5 snacks each month. You can also add on more snacks for an additional cost of $3 each and there are some snacks that if you choose, add an additional cost anyways. I picked all five that I received, but you can also choose to let them send you snacks they choose if you want a surprise! Now on to the box!

It came in a much bigger box than I expected and the box was nicely decorated, which is always better than plain brown boxes in the mail. 

First look. Everything was packed in nicely and I was pleased at how large the bags of snacks were.

Whole Wheat Strawberry Figgy Bars - These remind me of NutriGrain bars, which I could eat my weight in! There are other flavors besides strawberry, but I figured this was a safe bet to start out with. I will probably try another next time I get a box just to see if they all are so great.

Lemon Tea Biscuits - I chose this because I have always loved lemon cookies (think Girl Scouts) and thought this would be a nice thing to try out. If I drank hot tea, I think these would be amazing to dip in it. They're lemony without being too tart and they are just the right size to snack on.

Cashew Crumble - This was a fiance only choice. It's cashews covered in cookies, what could go wrong? He wasn't as thrilled with the idea as I was, but hopefully he munches on this bag for a while so I don't feel so bad. I probably won't get this again for a while and hope I can find something better to swap in!

Peanut Butter Nom Noms - It's got 'nom' in the title, it has to be amazing, right? I am considering dipping these in chocolate to see if I can improve them even better. This is definitely a great snack and it's the right size to eat a few without feeling bad!

Watermelon Fruit Chews - I saw this on a review and had to try them out. I'm currently addicted to CVS Brand fruit bars, so I knew I had to get these to snack! They are watermelon-y but not quite what I thought they would be. I would consider this a candy over a snack, so they are being limited to just a couple.

(BONUS) Chia Seed Crackers - NatureBox sent this as a bonus, which just fascinates me! I didn't know they sent out bonuses and I am so pleased that they make their customers feel appreciated. Chia isn't something that's in my regular menu, but I liked these enough to snack!

This is the brochure that showcases their new snacks, and it made me start craving them just looking at it!

I didn't do a cost breakdown, but I did love this box and felt like I got a great value. I probably won't be getting this every month, but it's a nice treat for months when my snack drawer is getting low. I like that I can skip months that I don't want a box, so it is definitely a subscription I'll be keeping for a while. I hope they expand their snacks by the time I get another box, because there weren't too many left that I wanted to try that I didn't take this month. 

Did anyone else get NatureBox this month? Let me know what you thought about yours in the comments!

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