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Monday, October 20, 2014

Jacked Pack - October 2014

This is 100% for my Fiance, not for me. It's great, though, because he has found new products and received samples of products he loved but hadn't thought about it recently to buy. This box was the 'Get Started' box. They also have 'Get Fit,' 'Get Ripped,' and 'Get Jacked' boxes. You choose which one based on your fitness level and also your desires on what you would like to get. I suggested he get the Get Started box first to see how much he liked it before getting some of the more intense boxes. They also have three levels, depending on how many products you want and which size you want. They have a $9.99 box, a $19.99 box, and a $34.99 box (annual billing broken down by month). If you are interested, you can find more information here.

As always, my fiance is ridiculously happy to see that this has come in! I'm happy for him, though, because of how happy he gets. There's no theme within the box, so here it is!

I couldn't get the names of most of the items in this box because SOMEONE decided to start munching as soon as I got the picture in. This month, there wasn't too much of a variety, but they did include four protein bars (apparently the peanut butter one was like straight PB) along with some chips, a sleep aid, an energy shot, and a pre-workout. He was happy so I was as well! I wish I could have tried those protein bars, though. ;)

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