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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Influenster Dean's List VoxBox

Influenster is a website for people to connect with brands to review. We can either review items we have already purchased/received in some way or another, or sometimes we review items they send us in boxes such as this. It uses your social impact (figured out by your social media accounts) to factor in to what you receive and how often. There are also optional surveys to do that will help them connect you to boxes that fit your lifestyle better.

This box is the Dean's List VoxBox and is all about students and their needs. They included an array of items that students could use, which I love! With each box, you can earn badges by completing tasks and each earned badge will get you a better chance of getting another campaign!

Pretty, green box.

Luden's Blue Raspberry Cough Drops - I love Luden's, probably because the cherry ones taste like candy. I really did use to pop these like they were a hard candy, but also because I would almost always have bronchitis so it did make my throat better. I understand now that I've been through school that cough drops (for the most part) keep your throat moist and thus, less pain occurs, but I still like to think they keep my coughing down. I don't like this flavor, though, but my fiance does and he has already claimed them as his own. They're okay, but I don't like blue raspberry flavored anything.

Sinful Colors (No Text Red) - This color is advertised to be painted on your left thumb to remind yourself to not text while driving. I love the idea of it, but I just don't wear red polishes at all. It is a good way to remind people, especially teenagers, so hopefully this marketing tool will take off and cause less texting while driving problems. SC is a great brand with amazing shades, so I don't mind connecting to their social medias.

Frixion Clickers - I remember when Frixion first came out and my mom got it in a Bzz Kit. These things are amazing and actually work the way they say. They write just like a regular pen but have an 'eraser' on top (or on the cap) to erase any mistakes you might make. They don't smudge like other erasable pens do and the ink lasts like regular pens do. On top of clickable pens and capped pens, they also make highlighters that work similar. I love this brand and was so happy to see it in my box!

Kiss Eyelashes (Flirty) - I really, really hate false eyelashes. I never can apply them and I always look like a bug is crawling across my face, so I just don't use them anymore. I know this is a popular brand that can be found in any drugstore, which is why so many were so happy to get them. I will pass these off to someone that will use them, so they will be used.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance - My fiance found it hilarious when I opened my box and he saw that there were tampons in it. What he doesn't understand is that these are ridiculously expensive and most women will take free ones any day. I don't regularly use this brand, but it will be a good backup box in case I forget to replenish my current box. I see commercials all over about these, so I guess they are good and worth the money.

Softlips Cube (Pomegranate Blueberry) - BAM! Anyone that sends me a lip product is one of my favorites forever. I haven't even been able to find these in stores yet, and have been actively looking. I love the way this smells and I really love that it comes in a cube, so cute! I love the options on scents and it's likely that I will buy all of them so I don't run out quick. I especially use these products during the winter, so I can never have too many and have them in all places I might be.

Airheads Bites - I'm not a fan of Airheads, but I know someone who it. I am definitely a chocolate girl (except gummy worms), so that's what I want next in a VoxBox. I understand how these would be great for a student, though, because they won't melt and can be thrown in a bag to snack on without making a huge mess everywhere.

I can completely understand this assortment of items in this box, and how they relate to students. I enjoyed getting this box and I'm enjoying earning all of the badges associated with this campaign. If anyone wants to join Influenster and needs an invite, feel free to send me your email address to ramblingsofasubaddict@gmail.com and I'll invite you to join us. It's all random as to what you will get, so don't get discouraged if it takes a while to get your first campaign! 

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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