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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Graze Box - Calorie Counter Box

It's here, our Calorie Counter Box from Graze! Alongside the Nibblebox, they are now offering (or perhaps they have been and I never realized it before) a Calorie Counter Box. You get the same four snacks in your box, but all snacks have between 50 and 150 calories. I have both my Nibblebox and my Calorie Counter Box in the same account, so I don't have to review snacks twice. They still follow your dislikes, tries, likes, and loves; but keep calories low!

Like I've mentioned before, you can get the box weekly, biweekly, or more often if you prefer, and it's always $6/box. Using my referral link, you can get your first and fifth boxes free. You can also cancel at anytime, and review items to decide if you want to get them again or never. Also, you can review items you haven't already gotten if you know you aren't going to like it and change the option to 'trash' and they are less likely to send it. That makes me seriously happy because I hate to see food wasted and don't want to get things that I know no one in my family will eat.

This week, I got The Cheese Board, Cherries & Berries, Black Pepper Pistachios, and Oat Spelt & Cocoa Dippers with Cherry Compotes. I'm not a fan of The Cheese Board, but my fiance does like it and I will nibble on the croutons once it's opened. Cherries & Berries is one of my favorites and I'm snacking on it as I write this! Apparently no one is a fan of any pistachios, but the Black Pepper Pistachios were marked trash after this was made so hopefully I don't get them again (and they will go to my father who does like them...I think). The Oat Spelt & Cocoa Dippers with Cherry Compotes is new to me so I'm looking forward to trying them out. I liked the dippers, and I'm still thinking about the compote. It will stay a try for now until I get it again and decide at that point.

Overall, I was happy with this week's box and always love snacks in the mail! Did you get Graze this week? Was there anything good, great, or bad? Let me know in the comments! 

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