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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birchbox Men's LE Sweat the Small Stuff Box

This is a Limited Edition box from Birchbox that's all for men. It came rather quickly, but I'm not sure if that's because of my Ace status or because the warehouse is close to my house. This shipped UPS and came in a HUGE box. It's all about what you need during and after a workout, so I had to grab it up for my fiance. It currently is out of stock but does show a wait list, so it may come back in stock! It costs $54 but with a 20% off coupon (currently it is TAKEOFF20) and points from referrals, I paid next to nothing.

This is the huge box it came in! I was seriously shocked at how big it was, because I wasn't expecting that much bulk to come in this. Happy surprise, that's for sure!

Info card. Men like to workout, so I love that they made a box for men that like to workout. My fiance hasn't resubscribed to Birchbox Men because of the lack of things he liked, but this was worth it!

What was included! 

Pictures make everything better. One item did fall and I didn't realize it until the box was taken away, so one small thing isn't shown but was included! Another note on this is that the Baxter of California Deodorant that was included was a sample size, but Birchbox has already emailed me that they are shipping the (correct) full-size to replace it!

Under Armor Trance Sackpack ($34.99) - This isn't sold on Birchbox, so I linked to UA's website. I actually wanted to order him the blue one, but it went out of stock on that so I had to order the black. It's not awful, and it's not going to kill him to have another black bag. I do love the other color options they have and I actually am considering purchasing one in the light blue that I just LOVE.

Kor Aura Water Bottle ($11.95) - This is another of the items that he desperately needed! He wears out water bottles like no one else, and he uses so many during the day, so this was more practical than anything else. It is very sturdy and I can tell that it's going to be difficult for him to mess this one up quickly, so it's a huge win!

Baxter of California Deodorant ($18.00) - Honestly, I knew he wouldn't use deodorant. It doesn't smell bad, but he loves what he uses now and doesn't stray from it. It's more natural than the stuff he uses, so that's always nice. I know plenty of men that I can pass this off to, so it's not a total waste.

Balla for Men Body Spray ($20.00) - This smells amazing!! But, I sadly cannot get him to use this. It would be great for days that he is at work and doesn't want to use his expensive cologne, but he's (once again) stubborn. I'll probably pass this off to the same person as the deodorant, and I know he will like it. It smells very 'manly' with hints of the woods and a little spice.

Bombas Ankle Socks/Bombas Calf Socks ($9.00 each) - He actually received some of these in one of his first Birchboxes, and loves the crap out of them. He actually loves them so much that he might be getting some for Christmas. They are a little big on him, which is strange because they are actually sized a little smaller than his foot. He likes his socks tighter, which is probably why these are a little big. They are great socks, though, and he wears both kinds when the weather is appropriate.

Quirky Wrapster ($1.99) - This is what was accidentally left out of the picture, only because it is so small. These are great for him, though, because his earphones get tangled up like crazy!

The total for this box is just shy of $105.00, and I paid almost nothing for it. It was definitely worth it! I highly suggest everyone checking out the Limited Edition boxes and using coupons to get them! I have paid almost nothing for the ones I have bought so far. Did you get this for yourself or for a man in your life? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

I just wanted to throw in a picture of the free mystery samples I got for having a purchase of over $35. I would not have paid $10 for this, but it's not bad for free. ;)

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