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Friday, September 26, 2014

Lip Factory - September 2014

I finally bought into another box and decided on trying Lip Factory. While the name is Lip Factory, they do included other makeup products other than lip products. Once a quarter, they have an 'only lips' box that is 100% lip products, so I will probably keep this subscription until the next quarterly box at least due to my love of lip products. This box is $22/month (and bills through PayPal for those that want to use PayPal rather than cards) and includes 5-7 products! They do have a rewards program where you earn points for purchasing in their store along with subscriptions and referrals! (If I could figure out how to refer or what my referral number was, that would be AWESOME.) They also do a beauty profile, which is great and makes me think (at least) that they are taking my likes/dislikes/etc and using them towards my box.

This was my second month getting this and it went much more smoothly than it did last month! I was pleased to see that it came in so quickly and that there were no more problems. Now on to the box!

The box is still very cute. The shipping label, not shown, was very faded and there wasn't actually any of it that looked printed correctly, so I'm very shocked that it came with no hassles.

The theme for the month is Autumn Arrives, and the picture on the description card seems to display that pretty well. In Georgia, we tend to get all parts of fall, and I love that the picture is making me wish for it even quicker!

Product card part one. This month the products took up both sides of the card, which is hard to picture without it falling to one side or the other.

Product card part two.

I'm still dying over these stickers. I feel like I need sheets of them in my life, so let me know if you find any that are for sale!

First look. Everything was packaged very well and it all seemed to be in there pretty well.

ModelCo Eye Shadow Trio (Naturally Neutral) ($26.00) - I feel like I could have loved this if there had been some variety to it. It is so easy to find a basic, all brown palette that this has almost become redundant. There is great color payoff and there is just enough shimmer in it, but I feel like I need something different in my palettes, especially travel-sized ones. Overall, it's a good palette, it just needs something different to it to make it worth the money!

JCat Beauty Jar Eyeliner (Jet Black) ($5.99) - It's like this box is wanting me to be disappointed, no matter how hard I try to like it. I have tried using these so many times and they always seem to dry out ridiculously quick. Plus there's also the fact that I have never been able to get gel/jar eyeliners to apply without going EVERYWHERE. If someone wants to come teach me how to apply it, you're welcome to do so. Otherwise, this will go in the trade pile. 

Angle Eyeliner Brush ($9.50) - Now if only I could apply gel eyeliners, this might be useful! I also hate that there is literally no brand included on the brush itself or on the card info, so I have no clue if this is really $9.50 or what. It definitely needed to be washed, though, because there was a smell to it.

OFRA Lip Gloss (Orchid) ($12.95) - Now this is a seriously purple, shimmery gloss...not that it's a good thing. I may not be adventurous with lip colors, but I could never find myself using a purple lip product. I just don't think they look good on me and I probably never will. The top packaging also feels very cheap and makes me think it would break if I threw it in my purse. The entire packaging looks different than the OFRA website, so I'm not sure if this was special packaging for Lip Factory or just new, but I hope all of their glosses don't feel quite so cheap.

Girlactik Pout Shine (Pretty) ($19.00) - This is another lip gloss that I will not be using at all. No, the photo isn't disrupting the color at all, it is really that light. It's almost white and just too thick for my taste. It's sad that the colors in this box are basically useless, but I suppose that's just what happens sometimes.

Overall, this box is worth $73.44 for those that can find a use for it. I was highly let down by the entire thing and cannot find a use/desire for any of it. Did anyone else get Lip Factory this month? Were you pleased with something or get different shades of something than I did? Let me know in the comments!

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