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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Julep Maven Window Open!

Yesterday, the Julep Maven window opened. As always, you have until the 24th to pick a box, upgrade, or skip this month, otherwise you will be billed and receive your profile's box. Be sure to check to see what you are getting, otherwise you might not be happy with what you get!

The theme this month is The Black Magic Collection and is all things Halloween. This collection has mostly darker colors mixing cremes and shimmers. While they are gorgeous, the swatches are throwing me off and look nothing like the dots, so I skipped for the month. I know I will be able to buy if I like real swatches, 

The dots. L-R: Shailene (It Girl), Ledi (It Girl), Brianna (Boho Glam), Dana (It Girl), Margaritia (Bombshell), Marla (Boho Glam), Logan (Classic with a Twist), DeAnna (Classic with a Twist), & Nancy (Bombshell). To be noted, Dana glows under a black light, which is great for Halloween parties!

The new product of the month is the Night Shift Sleeping Mask.

A kinda new product is two color additions to the Lip Gloss lineup, Splendid and Polished. 

The add-on only color for this month is Tia (Boho Glam). You can only get this color if you add it on to your existing box (and pay extra).

This is one of two boxes you can choose besides the typical, which includes the vinyls and old colors for us, but great Halloween colors!

Here's the other box you can get that includes older colors buy vinyls!

What did everyone think of the options for this month? I skipped just because I couldn't really find a box that I was in love with and I refuse to upgrade to My Maven and pay extra for the same stuff. Let me know what you decided to do in the comments!

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