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Monday, September 8, 2014

Jacked Pack - September 2014

This is 100% for my Fiance, not for me. It's great, though, because he has found new products and received samples of products he loved but hadn't thought about it recently to buy. This box was the 'Get Started' box. They also have 'Get Fit,' 'Get Ripped,' and 'Get Jacked' boxes. You choose which one based on your fitness level and also your desires on what you would like to get. I suggested he get the Get Started box first to see how much he liked it before getting some of the more intense boxes. They also have three levels, depending on how many products you want and which size you want. They have a $9.99 box, a $19.99 box, and a $34.99 box (annual billing broken down by month). If you are interested, you can find more information here.

As always, my fiance is ridiculously happy to see that this has come in! I'm happy for him, though, because of how happy he gets. There's no theme within the box, so here it is!

As always, they don't include everything on the cards in your box. This box might have been small in terms of quantity, but he loved every single item included. I'm not going to do a full review because honestly, I'm still not 100% on what most of stuff is. 

Eat the Bear Isolate Whey Protein ($68.99 full price) - I can't find anywhere that shows how many servings are in one container, but one container is 2lbs - which I hear is huge! He likes protein, so it will be used definitely!

Only Protein Protein Powder ($3.81) - More protein, which is always great in this house. I like that they included two flavors for this, so he can get an idea on what kind of variety they have. After looking through their website, they offer a ton more stuff that even I would be interested in trying out and purchasing!

Betancourt Nutrition Glutamine Plus ($1.33) - This is a recovery mix for post workouts, which is always something he is interested in trying. We recently purchased another recovery that we sampled in this box that we both ended up loving, so this will probably be thrown into a gym bag for just in case he forgets to bring a drink with him one day. 

EVL ENGN ($1.67) - This is a pre-workout (technically they call it a 'pre-anything') that will most definitely be used. For those that don't know, this product will make you super jittery if you don't workout once your body pumps up, so be super careful with these if you're like me! I know my fiance will use it the next chance he gets, though, because he knows how to time it correctly, which I don't.

As always, this is marketed more towards men, but women can get it to if you want to try out new things or just get some products to help you get into shape! I know this isn't one of the most popular subscriptions, but I'm still glad that he gets it because it always seems like a win! I didn't do a total due to not knowing about the one product. I feel like it wasn't valued at what it could have been, but I'm happy as long as he's pleased with what he gets!

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