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Friday, August 22, 2014

Love with Food - August 2014

This month's Love with Food was a little late, must be payback for getting it so early last month. For those that don't know, Love with Food is a monthly food subscription box that has organic or all-natural snacks. 

There are two sizes, the Tasting Box and the Deluxe Box. The Tasting Box (which is what I get) has 8+ snacks and donates one meal to hungry kids in America. It is as low as $10/month and free shipping with a yearly subscription (shipping is $2/box without a yearly subscription). The Deluxe Box has 16-20 snacks and donates two meals to hungry kids in America. It is as low as $17/month with a yearly subscription or $19.95/month if you do it monthly. 

New is a Gluten Free option that guarantees everything they send will be gluten free instead of just possible. This option offers 8-12 snacks every month and it donates two meals to hungry kids in America. It is pricier, at as low as $25/month (on a yearly subscription) or $32/month if you go month-to-month. With the Gluten Free option, it's free shipping regardless of which plan you choose.

They have a review program where you get points to use in their store (10 points per item, points for taking boxes, and a referral program) that is also great. Their store includes items found in boxes as well as other snacks and past boxes at a slightly higher cost than if you had taken that box. Now on to the box!

The box is super cute and looks like a little present!

First look! Their boxes are always packed so tightly and full of great snacks!

This month they included a pamphlet instead of the card they have been sending. This month's theme is Fun at the County Fair and has blue-ribbon snacks that are fun for the whole family, or just me and my fiance!

The inside of the pamphlet. It still shows all of the snacks included, but also includes online coupons and a recipe! This month's recipe used one of included snacks, so I'm assuming this will be a continuing trend.

180 Snacks's Nutty Rice Bites with Blueberries - This might be one of the perfect snacks for me! I love blueberries and nut clusters, so this was perfect. I love little snacks like this and they are the perfect size for eating it alone or on some yogurt. 

Back to Nature's Crispy Cheddar Crackers - This isn't a new brand at all to me, it's all over the stores. They make great snacks that aren't bad at all! I suggest this brand and suggest trying multiple variations.

Smooze's Pineapple & Coconut Fruit Ice - Oh my, this reminds me of being a kid! I used to love the crap out of these kinds of frozen ices. While this might be marketed more towards kids, this would be the bomb mixed with some alcohol! ;)

Yumearth's Lollipops - Another great kid's snack. My fiance and I started attacking these as soon as I got pictures of the box. Luckily, both of them were strawberry and were great. I probably wouldn't have been so excited about it if they had been grape, though.

Covered Bridge's Montreal Steak Spice Seasoned Potato Chips - Ugh, I remember when these kinds of flavored chips became popular and I was forced to try them at work. I have yet to like any steak flavored chips and I didn't like these either. If you like that kind of thing, though, you probably would like these as well.

Skeeter Nut Free's Cinnamon Grahams - These were great! I think that any kid would love these and I know that me being super picky still liked them. They come in a great size for lunchboxes and definitely come recommended by me!

Love with Food's Kettle Sweet Peanuts - So this month, Love with Food had one item made specifically for them and this was it. This was also the item that would be used in the included recipe, if you wanted to make that instead. For those wondering, the recipe was for Blue Ribbon Chocolate Peanut Cookies!

Salty Road's Salty Peanut Salt Water Taffy/Salty Road's Salty Caramel Apple Salt Water Taffy - These two were gobbled up by my fiance, and he definitely seemed to love them! They apparently have great flavor and consistency, and tasted like other taffies that wouldn't be included in a Love with Food box (i.e., not natural).

I didn't do a value for this box, and I don't plan to anymore. It's hard to judge food boxes since it's all based on particular likes and dislikes. This was a good box and definitely fit in the theme of the box. Did anyone else get Love with Food this month, or get the deluxe box? I'd love to know what was different between my Tasting box and the Deluxe one! Let me know in the comments! :)

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