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Monday, August 4, 2014

Jacked Pack - August 2014

This is 100% for my Fiance, not for me. It's great, though, because he has found new products and received samples of products he loved but hadn't thought about it recently to buy. This box was the 'Get Started' box. They also have 'Get Fit,' 'Get Ripped,' and 'Get Jacked' boxes. You choose which one based on your fitness level and also your desires on what you would like to get. I suggested he get the Get Started box first to see how much he liked it before getting some of the more intense boxes. They also have three levels, depending on how many products you want and which size you want. They have a $9.99 box, a $19.99 box, and a $34.99 box (annual billing broken down by month). If you are interested, you can find more information here.

As always, my fiance is ridiculously happy to see that this has come in! I'm happy for him, though, because of how happy he gets. There's no theme within the box, so here it is!

Once again, I have no clue how long this took. I'm guessing the normal three days, but I'm not even sure when it shipped! Silly boys. ;)

Info cards. Once again, you don't get everything on the card. Also, he received something that wasn't listed on the card at all. It's still bizarre to me, but it works for him and that's all that matter!

VMI Sports Burn-HC ($1.99) - Metabolism raising and energy increasing? Sounds good to me! I hate that they only sent one capsule, because it's hard to judge. But he's always happy with thermogenics and such, so that's a plus for me.

AE Nutrition LIV Hybrid ($1.67) - It's a fat burner, which we can never have enough of around here! I like that it's a liquid, which is a new method of delivery to me. Pineapple Tropics sounds great as well!

VMI Sports Train ($1.72) - A great pre-workout and it's flavored Blueberry Breeze! We kind of like blueberry around here so no complaints coming from him! 

BSN Hyper FX ($0.80) - I swear I've tried this before, but apparently it was another BSN product. He always needs more of these, so he's not going to say no to it. 

IPS All Natural Egg White Chips ($1.99) - Another bag of these! They're not the best chips in the world, but they have the protein equivalent of two eggs, so it's fine by me. I would rather have received a different flavor (cheese, anyone?) but he likes barbeque so they are all his!

Purus Labs Condense ($2.28) - Another pre-workout?! Seriously, be original! He's completely satisfied since they are so expensive, but it seems like they could sample some different types of products occasionally!

Purus Labs AminOD ($2.05) - This is what I like to see, post-workouts! Great for helping repair your body and definitely needed after all of these pre-workouts!

This box total was $12.50, which seems a little low to me. But as long as he is happy with what he gets and learns about a new product that he will eventually buy, it's all good. Not to mention the coupon on the information card for if he buys something. I guess I'll let him keep it for now! ;) Did anyone else get Jacked this month? What did you get?

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